‘What’s on my plate?’

TEDxPanaji xPlore event about food, farmers and farming will be held on Saturday, January 26. It will focus on a critical issue – the food on our table


TEDxPanaji, an independently organised TED event in Goa, has developed ‘xPlore’, a series of experiences that will be held in between two TEDxPanaji conferences. The xPlore events will delve on various issues.

The first xPlore event called ‘What’s on my plate?’ will be held on Republic Day, Saturday, January 26. It will focus on a critical issue – the food on our table. The trend off late has been to move from processed foods to organic foods, however, people at large have no idea of who makes this food and how it is prepared?

Speaking about the event, the organiser of TEDxPanaji, Dattaprasad Shetkar said: “TEDxPanaji team decided to bring ideas into action and xPlore as a concept was born. ‘What’s on my plate?’ is conceptualised and brought to life by the volunteers of TEDxPanaji. We hope through this event we will spark a real change in the community”.

The event is designed to bridge the information gap between urban dwellers and farmers who produce food. It will provide insights into various agricultural practices in Goa, by taking attendees to farms and giving them hands-on experience of growing food through steps such as preparing the ground, sowing seeds, digging, planting, weeding, harvesting, milking cows, organic manure, composting etc.

It will happen simultaneously at 10 farms in Taleigao, Mapusa, Candolim, Pernem, Margao, Dharbandora, Borim, Valpoi, Assagao, etc. At each location an expert curator will be the resource person. These include Sachin Tendulkar (Kulagar/ orchard farming), Vishal Rawley and Vishram Gaonker (peri-urban farming), Miguel Braganza (kitchen gardening), Felly Gomes (traditional and  permaculture farming), Darryl D’Souza (home farming), Chaitanya Malik (dairy farming), Cedric Gomes (fish farming), Atmaram Borker (integrated farming) and Siddharth Naik (hydroponics). Attendees will have the option of choosing an expert; thus a location and type of farming they want to attend.

The event will begin with an interactive session at each of the locations, followed the hands-on exercise. After lunch, attendees will be taken to Panaji for a concluding session, wherein they will explore their learning with others. The entire event will be documented through audio-visual recording and compiled into a documentary film.

The event including transport to most locations and back, refreshments and lunch will be free to attendees. TEDxPanaji has requested attendees to register online at https://goo.gl/forms/AhXWZubFOZlaNMLf1

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