Sunday , 24 March 2019

What I do in 7 days, Avertano won’t in 7 years: Churchill



“I have decided to stand for the president post of Goa Football Association (GFA) elections because football and the administration of football in Goa need to be streamlined. The GFA we see today is not the GFA of yester years. GFA needs change and I am here with a promise to bring about that change and not with a promise to give clubs money,” said Churchill Alemao at a press conference held in the capital city on Saturday while declaring his panel for the forthcoming elections.

“The man who is accusing me of distributing envelopes is promising money to clubs,” said Alemao in response to Avertano accusing him of distributing envelopes for votes.

“The GFA elections are being held on ballot paper. There are no EVM’s this time to help him. A losing candidate resorts to spreading canards of distributing envelopes,” added Alemao.

“Avertano is being fielded by Alberto Colaco who was banned by FIFA for three years. He had a hand in the amendments to the constitution because he did not want me to stand,” disclosed Churchill. “He (Alberto) knows I will launch a full scale investigation into the Bandodkar Gold Trophy issue. I know it was of pure gold trophy and I also know Alberto is worried about the investigation,” claimed Churchill.

It may be recalled, Alberto Colaco was banned by FIFA “from all football related activities for a period of three years for indulging in corrupt practices” in 2014. “Colaco is alleged to have received cash payments to the tune of $23,000 by Bin Hammam after winning guarantee of his support,” as per a news article in the national press in 2014.

“My opponent and his cronies are trying to tell clubs not to vote for me as I have only seven months. What I can do for GFA in seven days, my opponent will not be able to do in seven years. I have chosen a panel of people who will not look to make money out of GFA but who will work selflessly for the organization. I have chosen Valente as candidate for vice president because he was just not a great player but because he knows how to earn a decent living unlike Anthony Pango of the Avertano panel who lives on the transport service he provides to GFA,” stated Churchill .

“I was intending to have this press conference on Monday but had to pre-pone it for today because I was shocked to read in a certain section of the press that names of candidates in Avertano’s panel.  Three of his candidates are from my panel and they are sitting here,” stated Alemao while also playing a video of another panel member named by Avertano during the press conference on Friday.

“The work of forming a panel in North Goa has been entrusted to Lavinio Rebello. He has been given charge and will be in a position to name the members of the panel,” stated Churchill.

“The National Sports Code has not yet been passed by Parliament. It states that a person who is seventy cannot stand for election but does not state that a person has to resign after completing seventy years. These are rumours spread by Alberto and Avertano to try and confuse the clubs,” stated Alemao.

“Avertano has claimed that he has done four or five grounds in his constituency. I do not know how many grounds I am responsible for. I have developed grounds all over Goa,” said Alemao when asked to comment on the grounds claimed to have been developed by Avertano.

“One of the main changes I will want to bring after discussion with clubs is to cancel the Rs 5,000 registration fees of small clubs in Goa because many clubs cannot afford to pay this fee. If the other club members do not agree, I will pay the Rs 5,000 of the clubs because many of these clubs are run by individuals who love football and sometimes find it difficult to pay the money,” stated Alemao when asked for his specifics for GFA if being elected.

“The competition Rules and many other rules have been in place for many years. I will call for a meeting of all clubs and present my master plan to them and ask for their suggestions and then do the necessary changes,” added Churchill.

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