Tuesday , 26 March 2019
Western bypass project hanging fire for 13 years in Salcete

Western bypass project hanging fire for 13 years in Salcete

MARGAO: The western bypass project, which is aimed to decongest traffic in Margao, has been hanging fire for the last 13 years. The 7-km bypass road, starting at Nuvem and passing through Seraulim, Benaulim, Telaulim, Navelim and Margao, has seen work completed only at Nuvem.
The project had been proposed in 2001. Subsequently the state government had acquired nearly 5 lakh sq mts of land, mostly cultivable land, from 580-odd local farmers and other landowners from the five villages and Margao by invoking the urgency clause (Section 4) of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894, But even after 13 long years the government could not complete work for the most-needed western bypass.
Sources said that apathy, interference and ego clash among the politicians have kept the project hanging fire over the years. Besides, change in governments, lack of will among the authorities and strong opposition from landowners, who approached the court of law, have also delayed the project.
Work on a small stretch of the road at Nuvem has been completed amidst strong opposition from the locals when it had been found that industrial slag was used to develop the land.
The proposed western bypass starts at Nuvem and passes through Seraulim, Benaulim, Telaulim, Navelim and Margao.
Land admeasuring 4,99,674 sq mts had been proposed to be acquired. Inspections of the proposed land was carried out on October 8, 2003. It was found that the land admeasuring 4,48,669 sq mts was needed for the ambitious project, and hence the authorities made necessary corrections as per provisions of the Land Acquisition Act.
Some sarpanchas of the villages where the land has been acquired for the project pitched for resumption of the stalled work on the bypass road.
Nuvem sarpanch Reuban D Costa said, “The government should not keep the acquired land idle. It should either be used or given back to the farmers for cultivation.”
The western bypass would ease traffic congestion. So the work has to be completed at the earliest, as the land for the purpose has already been acquired, Navelim sarpanch Frank Fernandes said.
The government acquired the land for the project as follows: Benaulim (1,16,751 sq mts), Nuvem (1,11,813 sq. mt), Navelim (91,495 sq mts) Telaulim (51,912 sq mts) Margao (39,585 sq mts) and Seraulim (37,113 sq.mts).
The state government paid Rs 22,80,600 for landowners from Benaulim, whereas landowners of Nuvem got Rs 21,33215.
The government paid Rs 10,05,268 to Navelim landowners, Rs 70,3331 for Telaulim, Rs 67, 1040 for Margao and Rs 36, 0646 for Seraulim landowners.
Rs 19,05061 were paid to the landowners for the trees which were proposed to be felled, and Rs 16,96,954 were paid for their structures.

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