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Wedding skincare and makeup tips

Roanna Silveira

On your wedding day, you’re going to want to look the most beautiful version of you. Here’s a quick guide to looking your best on your big day.

Bridal skin care

l Start skin prep early

l Diligently follow a skincare regimen at least a year before your wedding. Target blemishes and include a brightening serum in your regime.

l Don’t experiment close to the date: Don’t try any new treatments up to six months before the wedding. If you want to go for a facial, try it well beforehand to make sure you don’t have any adverse effects to it. Threading, waxing, etc. leave red, irritated and inflamed skin. Do this at least two to three days before so your skin has time to subside.

l Avoid alcohol: Alcohol can make the skin blotchy, dehydrated and dull, and can cause discoloration, pore enlargement, and sagging of the skin.

l Diet: Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruits and leafy vegetables to get clearer skin. Don’t crash diet. While you may want to look slim and beautiful and fit into your dress, don’t crash diet, as this can make the skin look sallow and dull, among other effects. Follow a good diet and exercise plan, and start early.

l Get plenty of sleep: Dark circles can only be covered up to a certain extent.

l Try to reduce stress: Try yoga and meditation to calm yourself.

Bridal Makeup

While some brides can and do their own makeup for their wedding, unless they’re very knowledgeable about makeup, it’s always recommended to get a makeup artist. Go through their portfolio to see if they can do the type of makeup that you want before hiring them.

Makeup trial

Most bridal makeup artists not only offer a makeup trial, but insist on it. It may cost a bit extra, but it will ensure that you’ll settle on a look that you are happy with. You can try on multiple looks and settle on the one that you like the best. Once she gets to work with your skin, and figures out how to tailor your makeup to you, they will be faster and more accurate on the wedding day.

What to wear to your trial

Wear a top in the same shade as your wedding dress. Makeup looks can look totally different with a change in colour.

Reference pictures

Save pictures of makeup looks that you like and bring it to your trial. Keep in mind the theme of the look, hairstyle, jewelry, your skin tone, etc, while saving pictures. This is the easiest way to explain what you’re looking for.

Choose the right look

Choose a look that you’re comfortable with. Try to look like the best version of you not someone else.

Don’t choose a trendy makeup look: Remember that trends change, and your pictures will be viewed decades from now. You want to look classy and timeless, not dated.

Keep an open mind: Sometimes a makeup artist may feel that a certain look might not work for you, or might not be appropriate. For example, glowing, glossy skin may look amazing in pictures but will not last throughout the night without constant touch ups.

However, don’t let a makeup artist talk you into a completely different look either; people have different views of beauty, and you don’t want to end up with a look that you don’t like.

Don’t be afraid of a little colour: If you’re used to wearing nudes and beiges, these can look a bit washed out in pictures. Try a slightly brighter pinkish or rosier or plummy shade to really stand out!

Choose the right lipstick formula: Glossy lipstick will wear off very quickly throughout the night and can smear on clothes. A matte lipstick applied after proper prep will last a much longer time.

Try false lashes: Even if you’re not comfortable with a heavy strip of full lashes, even a few individual lashes can really amp up your look.

Body makeup: Ask your makeup artist about cover-up for tattoos or scars. If you need a few marks covered up, or just want a healthy body glow, most makeup artists offer that as well. This is especially important if your dress shows off your shoulders or back. A little bit of highlight in strategic locations can look great in pictures.

Take photographs: Take a number of pictures in different lighting, and from different angles. On the day, you will be photographed in sunlight, fluorescent lights, flash photography, etc, so be sure to keep that in mind.

Get your own lipstick: When you go for your trial, ask your makeup artist for the brand and shade of the lipstick that you settle on. This way, you can touch up throughout the day and night as needed.

Touch ups: Keep a touch up bag with a few products with you on the day itself: lipstick, concealer, powder, and a small brush or sponge are necessary for touch ups. Also, keep blotting papers and/or tissues.

Hope you have the right knowledge to look and be your best self on your wedding day!

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