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Weaving together the culture of Goa

Big Foot, Loutolim celebrated Founder’s Day with a multi-media art exhibit. The theme of the exhibit was ‘Love, Peace and Unity’.

As part of the exhibit multiple pieces of cloth were collected from households of various senior citizens living in Loutolim and stitched together to form a colourful quilt. Each square of fabric contained a message of goodwill. This installation was later displayed at the exhibition. The installation represented the coming together of many minds to contribute towards peace. Also on display were photographs based on the theme of unity by renowned photographers from Goa along with paintings by proprietor of Big Foot, Maendra Alvares.

Speaking about the celebration, Alvares said: “At Big Foot, we go beyond the conservation of cultural integrity. We preserve the essence of what it truly means to be Goan. Our strength lies in our tolerance, the respect we have for our fellow Goenkars and our love for the land.”

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