Wednesday , 27 March 2019
We become what we eat

We become what we eat


Manassa Creations recently released two books Annapurnaa and Srujan Shravan at Goa Chamber of Commerce by executive director Dempo industries, Pallavi S Dempo in the presence of director HR, administration and medical services Geno Pharmaceutical Private Limited, Pramod Salgaocar and director of Sun Estate Developers, Nilima S Morajkar.

Speaking about the two books during the release, Dempo said that the two books are highly informative. While Anapurnaa gives the Goan readers recipes and informative dietary facts, the other book ‘Srujan Shravan’, focuses on Goan monsoon literature and has interviews of different artistes.

Editor of the books, Bapat mentioned that several contributors, authors and experts have penned articles for the book.

“The authors and writers have not only just written articles but have tried to give in-depth information about various topics and issues. Both the books provide information about healthy living, various tradition of shravan and information about other cultural aspects of Goa,” added Kalika.

Guest of honour Morajkar explained why the saying ‘we become what we eat’ is relevant in today’s era. She said: “The saying is 100 per cent true not only in terms of fitness but also in term of our thoughts and views. Today, we know a lot about healthy foods, vegetables, and what to eat and what to not probably because our mother must have told us but today the situation is different. People aren’t aware of such things and that’s when books that have the information come at rescue.”

Stating that there is a need to empower women and respect them, Pramod Salgaocar said today women are emerging as great achievers in various fields and therefore we should respect and treat them equally.


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