Wednesday , 16 October 2019
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Waste food handling appliances launched

Bengaluru based Wastexpert launched food waste handling solutions for the Goa market recently. The company launched digester, composter and dewaterer for hotels and food operators in the state. According to the company, with rapid urbanisation and the increase in food wastage, segregating and managing food waste at source is the only way forward.

Arpita Khadria, chief operating officer, said “The main reason for inertia currently is the price. With local manufacturing we have addressed that problem greatly. Hotels and restaurants now are much more open to installing such machines instead of investing in cold storage rooms and paying the municipalities monthly. The reason to invest in these solutions is mainly due to cost savings, compliance with regulations and green practice.”

Global Enterprises is the local partner for Wastexpert. Savio Cruz, Global Enterprises said, I see a lot of scope for the appliances in Goa as proper waste management has become the need of the hour.” 

According to the company, currently there are mostly international players in the market offering expensive options, while their products are home-grown solutions. The capacity of the appliances range from 100 kg to 600 kg per hour and are ideal for hotels, restaurants, caterers and commercial canteens.

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