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Warmly yours, Anupama Kudchadkar

By Padmavati Prabhu

If you had to briefly describe yourself, what would you say?
I am a very simple and straightforward person. I strongly believe in hard work. I am very sensitive about my family and close relatives and would go to any extent to reach out to anybody who needs my help. I can be very emotional and anxious at times, but over time I have learnt to remain calm because of the support of my near and dear ones. I am extremely serious about my profession and give my best to my patients, at the same time I give serious priority to the needs of my family.
One person who inspires you?
My husband, Mahendra Kudchadkar.
Your likes and dislikes: I like Goan fish curry rice, travelling around the world, music and an afternoon siesta of half-an-hour to boost my energy levels. I dislike gossip, violence and injustice.
Today’s woman is special because: She has to play a dual role within and outside the house, which needs many more skills and talents that do not come to her naturally but have to be cultivated due to necessity. One simple mantra of yours for balancing work and home: Dedication, hard work and genuine concern.
One lesson you learnt from life: Nobody can replace the genuine love and concern of your parents.
Are you a spiritual or a religious person?
I am a religious person by circumstances, but spiritual by choice.
What role does your family play in your life?
Family to me is the core of my existence and I cannot imagine pleasures of life without my family.

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