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Wait…until she proposes: A test of patience and perseverance

Making his debut in writing, 26-year-old, Pranav Kasture from Mapusa,  released his first novel ‘Wait… until she proposes’, a romantic fiction that throws light on the thrills of love and obstacles one faces during one’s lifetime. In conversation with NT BUZZ Pranav shares what got him to write a romantic fiction

Venita Gomes | NT BUZZ

As an avid writer, Pranav found solace and peace in writing. It was therapeutic as it helped him express his feelings and channelise his creativity. He would sit for hours and enhance his literary skills by reading and writing. During the course of his life, Pranav has come across several people and instances which were worth writing about. Penning down these experiences and adding a bit of romance and fiction led Pranav to write his first novel ‘Wait…until she proposes’.

He says: “The novel is a romantic fiction. It’s a story of a boy, Soham, who hails from Goa and is deeply in love with a girl called Ritika. Despite having feelings for her he keeps waiting to propose to her, for reasons best known to him.”

The novel revolves around how couples face several challenges pertaining to love, career and long distance relationships. “It is a story every college, or even a working professional can easily relate too. It throws light on college and hostel life, corporate life and long distance relationships,” says Pranav.

Pranav completed his computer engineering from Goa College of Engineering and is currently working in an IT company in Pune.

Elaborating on why he chose to write the book, he says: “Writing is my hobby. Over a period of time, I became more passionate about writing. It was a medium that helped me channelise my ideas and express myself. Some of the people I have met were truly amazing and I felt they would make very powerful characters in my book. There were plots which I believed could motivate youngsters to continue working towards their goals and never give up. So I kept writing until I completed the story.”

Initially, Pranav wasn’t sure if his writings would materialise into a book, but with support from APK Publishers his dream came true. “APK Publishers understood my potential and gave me the big break. I released my novel online on Amazon and copies are also available at various bookstores.” After reading the novel several readers offered their best wishes, suggestions and queries pertaining to the novel.

A repeatedly asked question was if the story was inspired from his life instances, to this Pranav says: “Almost everyone who has read the book has asked me this question. The book is indeed a work of fiction. However, some of the plots have been based on real life observations which I have come across. Still, I would prefer to put the ball in the reader’s court, as to what he or she felt after reading the book!”

Pranav also says that the journey of writing the book was a test of patience and perseverance. “There were times I thought that publishing a book wasn’t my cup of tea. Initially, I thought it was impossible for a new writer like me to get a book published. But then I kept pursuing. I studied English grammar, sentence construction and punctuation. I studied English like never before and in the end, my dream came true.”

Recalling one of his most loved phrases in the novel ‘Wait…until she proposes’, he says: “The most loved phrase is (dedicated to everyone’s mother) ‘I realised I had missed her touch, her care for me. For years I had taken her for granted. In about two month’s time, she was going to complete fifty years. She worked every single day of the year, for hours. She had always stood strong even during the toughest phases of my, my sister’s or even my dad’s life. But she never got a woman-of-the-match award.’”

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