Saturday , 15 June 2019
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Visvasghat – TIATR REVIEW JP Pereira

A tiatr written by Fr Socorro Rebello and directed by Myran Travasso has been released for the season of Lent. ‘Visvasghat’ narrates an interesting tale of greed, jealousy, murder and the judgment of the almighty God. He gives us a choice – a chance to change and finally strikes when there is no repentance.

The tiatr opens with Micky and Danny plotting a crime. Micky is a hired goon and Danny wants him to execute his vicious plan. Cut to the next act. Peter and Jessica, along with their children Royston and Daizy, are a happy family. Lappit works for them as a cook and help. Peter’s brother Danny and his wife Sonia are jealous, greedy and always plotting against the happy family. The idea is to murder the rich couple and usurp their wealth. When the property is about to be willed to the kids, a plot is hatched. Watch what happens later, in a tiatr that depicts the mighty power of God.

The fine script has plenty of incidents that relate to real life, and the young director has extracted natural performances from all the actors. The fine set by Platino is used well and Romeo’s light effects executed in a timely manner. There are some special scenes, good songs and fine background music. Kimberly does well as the kind and loving Jessica. Evola is quite evil as the plotting Sonia. Stacy plays young Daizy and Reva plays Daizy as a teenager. Both actors have truly done justice to their roles. Espirito as the caring Peter and Agnelo as the evil Danny are cast well. The latter is great as the villain – soft-spoken and evil. FX is the goon, Myron lends good support and Aldrich acts well as the young Royston. Myran, the director is great as the older Royston. Michael provides humour as Lappit, in the main act. Mario, Alwyn and Michael play fine supporting characters in the side show.

The musicians are Shelton (trumpet), Ajiton (saxophone), Danny (bass), Maglinda (keyboard and background music) and Movin (drums). The opening song by Fr Socorro has some great lyrics. There are a variety of good songs with inspirational messages. Sharon Mazarello, Kimberly, Reva, Evola, Stacy, Aldrich, FX, Anthony San and Socorro de St Cruz render some good solos, duets, duos and trios. This is a good tiatr – rich in moral themes, as well as entertaining.



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