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Villagers awaiting ‘opening’ of Cortalim market complex

Vasco: The state-of-the-art Cortalim market complex, which was inaugurated recently, five years after the laying of the foundation stone, has turned into a white elephant. 

The foundation stone for the complex was laid in 2014, but due to the slow pace of work, the project was delayed and inaugurated only


Fish vendors, who were shifted elsewhere after laying a foundation stone for the project, are operating from an open space. Despite demands from the villagers, the market project has not been commissioned till date.

The farmers whose lands were acquired for the purpose of constructing new Zuari bridge and for laying of railway tracks for the Konkan railway project have also not been paid compensation. Farmers are cultivating their fields for the last several decades. They have brought the issue related to their long-pending compensation before the competent authorities, but till date, nothing has been done.

Garbage is yet another major problem faced by the Cortalim villagers. The Cortalim communidade authorities were supposed to transfer the land in order to make arrangement for handling day-to-day garbage in Cortalim panchayat jurisdiction, but as the land could not be transferred, the garbage menace has become a major issue for the whole of Cortalim


The village also lacks a full-fledged healthcare facility with villagers fully relying on private practitioners, or far-away government hospitals. The villagers are seeking advanced healthcare facility which could help save precious lives during emergencies like road accidents.

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