Friday , 24 May 2019
Vijai draws severe criticism  over support to BJP
Former Union minister Ramakant Khalap addressing the gathering during the protest rally held in Margao on Saturday

Vijai draws severe criticism over support to BJP




Speaker after speaker addressing the gathering during the ‘protest rally’held at the historic Lohia Maidan, on Saturday,  demanded that all those candidates who fought 2017 assembly election on anti-BJP manifesto and won it, and  then went on to support the BJP to form the government should  resign as MLAs  and seek  a fresh mandate on BJP ticket.

Addressing the crowd for well over 100 minutes, prominent citizens,  former minister, social activists,  writers besides NCP and  Congress party members came down heavily on the  Goa Forward Party  and said that Fatorda MLA and minister Vijai Sardesai ditched thousands of  voters, who voted for him as an anti-BJP leader.

Those gathered for the rally resolved not to vote for a candidate who has betrayed people’s mandate.

The crowd resolved to demand dismissal of the   Governor  for failing to invite the single largest party  to form the  government.

“Vijai Sardesai made use of our reputation for seeking votes in Fatorda. Shame on his (Vijai) alter boys Prashant Naik, Mohandas Lolienkar and  Dilip.  Vijay  is  big traitor and conspirator of all times.  My friends, we can tolerate a  robber,  but never  a betrayer.  Vijay, your  shadow will make you  dormant very soon,” Dr Francisco Colaco, a senior cardiologist, who had shared a stage during the Vijai’s election meetings said in a choked voice.

His expression clearly revealed that he was deeply hurt by the move of  Sardesai. Dr Colaco said, “Damu Naik phoned me and said ‘Dotor I (Naik) had told  not to vote for  Vijai. You saw  what he did.’ But when Damu approved  Vijai Sardesai’s move,  I found  Damu as  the biggest  betrayer.”

Another  Fatorda  resident Jose Mario Pereira  said, “Democracy is in danger, the  way BJP  grabbed the power and the  power hungry  embraced the BJP.”

Addressing the crowd, Advocate and former Union minister Ramakant  Khalap  criticised the  Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar.

“The people of  Goa  rejected the  BJP, yet the Governor of  Goa is welcoming them through the  back door,”he said.

He explained how  A B Vajpayee did not come forward to form the government at the Centre as he did  not have the required number, even after the president of  India  invited him to form the government for his party being the single largest party.

Girish  Chodankar, a Congress leader, explained how the  Governor  asked the  Congress party to keep the  letter expressing the support of majority of legislators at the  gate, and  later  refused them to meet on March 11 evening.

He said that he will not be bogged down by the  frightening tactics of the  BJP, and added that he will fight the cases with even more vigour.

Datta Naik also criticised the Fatorda MLA ‘for his act of betrayal’ and  appealed to the people of  Goa to “reject such  a greedy  politician who does not know the value and meaning of the  Goykarponn.”

NCP leader Advocate Avinash Bhosle claimed that  NCP has issued  a show notice to the  Benaulim NCP MLA  and added that the party  does not want him for his  selfish move of  supporting the  BJP.

Tiatrist Francis  De Tuem,  and several others spoke during the  meeting, that was organised by the civil society members.