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Versatile lady finger

Deepika Rathod
Kudos to all the ladies out there! We multitask and balance a lot in life. How can a vegetable named after us not do the same? Exactly, we’re talking about the lady finger (okra/bhindi). This vegetable has a low glycemic index (GI) and is high in fibre, and so it has many health benefits for everybody. There are many benefits and natural facts that make the lady finger standout:
Low GI food: The word GI stands for glycemic index. A person suffering from diabetes is advised to have food containing a low glycemic index. Okra contains a glycemic index of approximately 20 GI. According to medical research since okra contains a low GI, a diabetic patient can easily add okra to recipes in order to control their diabetic level.
Fights kidney disease: High sugar levels affect both kidneys and it has been found that okra keeps one away from kidney diseases.
Soluble fibre: Soluble fibres are very good for diabetes because they play an important role in digesting carbohydrates. Since lady fingers are rich in soluble fibres it slows down the process of digestion and decreases the effect of carbohydrates on sugar levels. Okra’s high fibre and low calorie content also assures healthy weight loss.
An easy recipe for diabetics:
Take two pieces of lady finger and cut the head and tail of both pieces (keep only the middle portion). Slit them from the centre and place them in a glass of water, cover the same and keep at room temperature. Allow them to stay in the water overnight. The next morning, remove the lady fingers and drink the water on an empty stomach. Try this daily for two weeks and you will see a reduction in blood sugar levels. If you cannot do this on a daily basis, then have it twice or thrice a week.
For skin: Vitamin C found in this vegetable helps maintain younger looking skin, repairs body tissue and brightens the skin. One can also apply a sliver of okra to one’s face. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.
For hair: The mucilage in okra nourishes hair. Boil the secretion with little water and transfer the water into a mug for use. Wash your hair with the water for bounce and shine.
Important Tip: Using raw lady finger helps cure diabetes more than when it is cooked.

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