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Uzvadd Tuka Diun

Tiatr REVIEW JP Pereira

Uzvadd Tuka Diun recounts a tale of a widowed mother, her ungrateful sons and their cruel wives.

The widowed mother is a wealthy woman. Her older son Jaison leaves home on his wife’s request. As they are childless Jaison has relinquished his rights of the property. Nixon works in Mumbai while his wife Sanya and daughter Skyla live with his mother. Sanya wants the entire property and so she decides to meet with a lawyer. Meanwhile, Brenda wants her husband’s share and they both begin to make demands. Bebe is a charcter who interferes in everybody’s business, and Royston is Nixon’s friend who roams around with Sanya. The life of the characters narrates the tale of ungrateful children and mothers who are ready to sacrifice what they have.

A tale often told, the sons are good and their wives are evil. One of the wives even attempts to get her husband to cut off his mother’s hand to punish her for a slap.

Annie Quadros plays the mother who does not mind sacrificing her hand. The two wives are played by Femila and Lavina. They both act well. Maxcy and Satyawan play their roles as the husbands well. Jose plays Royston the two-timing lover. Skyla plays the role of the young daughter while Humbert plays the role of Bebe and provides some humour with Agnelo and Pitush.

The band is led by Dominic de Arambol. The opening song is rendered by Skyla and the other songs in the tiatr are sung by Menino de Bandar, Rons, Jose, Ashton and others.

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