Monday , 25 June 2018

Up-cycle your bedroom decor

Ujjwala Sinha
If you have an office area in your bedroom, where you have a study table then you can use the pallets (the wooden structures that are used in stores and warehouses to transport boxes and other goods) for storage in front of the table. Reuse cans of fruit juices, cold drinks etc for storing your pens and stationery. Clean the can thoroughly and you can also give it a coat of paint.
If you plan to have a cosy bed around the corner, other than the main bed, you can make a base out of the pallet box and put a mattress on top. Fix the slats on the wall to give a rustic feeling. Of course, I recommend that you clean the pallets well and give them a coat of varnish or paint to enhance their appearance.
If you want to create an interesting shelf in the bedroom with recycled materials, you only have to take a ladder you no longer use. On the steps you can place the books and have a completely different look. A ladder book shelf will look good with any kind of décor, and give your home an eclectic touch.
To make this unique furniture, you’ll have to give the old ladder a coat of varnish or paint so that it has a nicer appearance. You can nail it to the wall horizontally or place it on the ground and leave spacing from the wall to have enough area for the books to stand.
Sometimes you cannot recycle the entire furniture, but can upcycle parts of the furniture. You can make use of old furniture drawers of a cupboard to decorate your home and use them to showcase photos or use it as a vintage book shelf. You can also use them to display artefacts, keep lamps etc. You can hang them near your dressing area and keep your accessories, etc.
Bring out your creativity and at the same time save timber and stop the cutting of trees to make your bedroom furniture.

(The writer is a practicing architect based in Panaji. She can be contacted at

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