Friday , 27 April 2018

Understanding the Bible

With an aim to introduce Bible to the people, a Bible exhibition is underway at Our Lady of Grace Church Hall, Margao. It began on March 26 and will continue till April 22.

Parish Priest of Our Lady of Grace Church Margao, Fr Carmo Martins informed that the exhibition is held for the fourth time. “First time I organised it here at Our Lady of Grace Church, Margao in 1980s, the in Panaji in 1990s, in 2015 at Our Lady of Grace Church, Margao and again this year I have organised the exhibition here.”

Fr Carmo says, “Many of our Catholics do not know the Bible. They merely hear the sermons that are preached by the priests in the church. But they haven’t read the Bible. A lot of our Catholics do not know the content of the Bible. So, this exhibition will introduce people to the Bible and the chapters or content it contains.”

The main purpose of the exhibition is to expose the Bible to the people. This year this exhibition exhibits the Covenants. The Bible contains seven covenants. Five in the Old Testament, then new covenant predicted in the Old Testament, and the New Testament contains the new covenant,” he states

A special model is created that portrays the specifications of Adamic Covenant, Noahic Covenant, Abrahamic Covenant, Mosaic Covenant, Davidic Covenant, New Covenant, and Eucharistic Covenant.

Moreover, the exhibition also highlights the twelve eras (periods) of the Bible which include Creation, Patriarch, Exodus, Conquest, Judges, Kingdom, Exile, Return, Silence, Gospels, Church, and Missions. As of now we are in the final era of Missions.

Other things that included are the details about Doctrines of the Bible. The exhibition has works of five people including Fr Carmo, Patrick Lobo, Bianca Rebello, Yean Cardozo, Michelle Cota and Marvin Fernandes.

(The exhibition will continue till April 22 at Our Lady of Grace Church Hall, Margao)

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