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Under the bridge, for that lazy feast

Danuska Da Gama I NT BUZZ

For many who come to Goa, it is perfect – slow et al. But for those of us who have seen Goa change over the last few years, the madness can get to you. And when you need that tranquil, peaceful surrounding and a burst of unusual flavours, you have to search for nooks and corners – and you will stumble upon some great options like The Lazy Goose. It’s gained popularity over the last two years and has won awards too.

I somehow never managed to reach there, despite living a few kilometres away. Everything happens for a reason, and this time, yet again, it was a dinner with my BFF and her husband. The night we went there, there was live music which is a regular scene on almost all days of the week. Good live music, great food, some peace, and spirit are all one craves for these days.

Let’s get to the food. The menu is big (literally), and the selection is vast. You can choose from small plates and large plates, seafood, salads and a Goan section too. As a proud Goan, I felt really good when I spotted the Goan section ‘20-year-old Goan Classics by Amigos’ which has Chef Sabita’s recipes. Sorpotel and Beef Chilly feature on the menu among several other classics.

Vishnu and Vishal are always around making sure diners are at ease and helping with recommendations. The place is known for its crabs, so there was no chance we were going to skip that. The baked baby crab had a mix of flavours – cheesy and spicy – which went well with the recommended. The variety of drinks and cocktails will get you confused so when in doubt ask for recommendations. It’s the season for urrack so while Francis enjoyed his Urrack mojito and my friend sipped on the lemongrass ginger martini, my drink the spiced toddy Hennessey (due to a bad cold) were just perfect.

The prawns al ajilio looked very pretty and was perfect for the palette. It is cooked in wine with fresh herbs and garlic. The steamed French styles mussels with white wine, garlic, butter, herbs and cream was a classic.

When I was younger mussels were almost always a part of the meal when in season and they were chunky, unlike the ones you get today in the market. But luckily they are still available and not out of the common man’s.

Very few places serve scallops and if you love salads, The Lazy Goose Grilled Scallop Nicoise which is simple, flavourful and light is a must try. For the mains we tried the grilled white pomfret stuffed with prawns. However, we thoroughly enjoyed the catch of day (Indian Salmon) served with some creamy clam sauce, Goan chorizo rice and cauliflower mash. There’s something about the way the combinations of offerings on a single plate complement each other so well.

The BBQ pork belly served on a bed of creamy pumpkin risotto was the highlight! The chunks of pork belly were well cooked and flavoured, and fell apart easily. However, it was the pumpkin risotto that stole the show. I ate less of the piggy and more of the risotto and couldn’t think twice about the carbohydrates and calories consumed that night. There are desserts to choose from, but after having started quite late all we could manage was to share a lemongrass and coconut pana cotta. And the prices are absolutely worth what you get here in terms of quality, service and ambience.

It’s a go-to place for everything great!

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