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Unbelievable Success Stories Of Hard Work


In India, around this part of the year, the students aspiring for professional education are often found busy trying to find out where they figure in the merit list, be it at the national level or the state level. What a joy and thrill it is to the youngsters and their parents if the desired goal of figuring in the merit list is accomplished and thereafter the admission is secured in a reputed institute with a programme of one’s choice. Every year we feel privileged to read about some exemplary success tales of students who despite all hurdles succeeded in overcoming them and romp home with success to cherish forever. I can’t resist putting forward two such occurrences, akin more to fiction than facts and strangely both from the state of Rajasthan. The first illustration is from Jodhpur, wherein two brothers who were sons of a long-haul truck driver have created a wonder in as much as one of them has cleared the NEET, paving way for admission to MBBS or BDS in a prestigious medical or dental college; and the other has cracked the JEE (Advanced), assuring of entry to the IIT or NIT. The siblings have managed to achieve this feat in the same year and in their very first attempt. They accomplished their goal after struggling a lot financially as their father had to take loans to pay their coaching fees. This tale of hard work and success should remind our youngsters what all pains some people have to undergo to accomplish success in life. It also sets an example that there is no substitute for hard work and that it always yields fruits. All these episodes of hard work and success once again remind us that our country opens the door equally for all no matter what their financial or social background is. If that is the classic narrative of two brothers doing wonders at a time, there is another incredible anecdote from Kota of six boys who knew nothing of one another until they joined an institute of coaching class in preparation for JEE (Mains) two years ago, and thereafter came together, became friends, studying and helping one another and sharing their intellectual knowledge, and in a wonder of sorts all the six cracked the JEE (Mains) 2018 exam, figuring within the top 20 ranks, from an ocean of 10,43,739 students appearing from all over India.


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