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Ugandan woman held for murder of Aldona man

Calangute: Calangute police, on Saturday, informed that they have arrested Minamu Hafusa, an Ugandan national, (22), in connection with the murder of Jefrino Baretto, a resident of Aldona, who was found murdered – his head smashed with a stone, at Baga.

The police informed that “the murder case could be solved in a day’s time due to the tip-off provided by the alert landlord at whose premises the accused Minamu Hafusa was staying at Mudderwaddo, Anjuna.”

According to the police, the owner of the premises saw blood stains on the face and clothes of the accused and asked as to what was the problem. She told him that she got involved a fight.

When questioned as to what was the motive behind the murder, the police said that the investigation is on and added that the accused was arrested by the Anjuna police on Saturday morning at 9 and handed over to the Calangute police for further investigation.

The police said that the accused tried to escape, and they had to give a chase and arrest her.

The police said that the accused would have been arrested on Friday but due to  a newsflash, the accused got alerted and wanted to run away by hiring a rent-a-bike but that did not happen.

The  police informed that Hafusa was arrested last year for overstaying and added that a case was registered against her at the Calangute police station in that regard.

“CCTV footage provided the vital lead,” said the police.

A police source said the post mortem has not been performed on the body of Jefrino Baretto, and added that after arresting the accused, the police took her to the GMC for a medical test.

The police said that the accused will be produced before JMFC on Sunday, and added that the investigation is on and other angles are also looked into – whether any other person is involved in the murder as the deceased was well built and it was not that easy to murder him by smashing his head with a stone.

The police have registered the case under Section 302 of the IPC. PI Nolasco Raposo is investigating the case.

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