Monday , 25 March 2019

UAV, low flying objects banned during BRICS


PANAJI: With the BRICS Summit 2016 scheduled to be held in Goa from October 15 to 17, the South Goa magistrate has banned the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) popularly known as drones throughout the South Goa district from October 12 to 17. Ban has also been imposed on low-flying objects such as para gliders, hang gliders, hot air balloons, aero models, air borne video cameras/ drones and similar short range aerial vehicles up to a radical distance of 100 km around the Hotel Taj Exotica from 4 pm on October 14 to 4 pm on October 17.

According to the order, all abandoned/ unused airstrips, sites/ open grounds/ space etc in South Goa district that may allow lift off/ launching of Remotely Piloted Vehicles (RPV), including Remote Controlled Aircraft (RCA) and par-gliders/ hang gliders etc should be secured and put under effective surveillance by pampaling/deploying of security personnel to avoid their misuse.

Restrictions will be imposed on airspace up to a radical distance of 300km around Hotel Taj Exotica from October 14 (4 pm) to October 17 (4 pm). No flights shall be permitted to take off or land at the Dabolim airport within the area and timings of airspace restrictions mentioned above, except the flights scheduled by the flight operators, IAF, BSF, ARC, Navy and Coast Guard Flights, Army Aviation helicopter flights undertaking airborne QRT missions and casualty immediate medical evacuation, state-owned aircraft/ helicopter plying the Governor or Chief Minister. Over-flying flights at 10 pm and thereafter will be permitted.

Any person contravening this order shall be punishable under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

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