Monday , 25 March 2019

Two arrested for murder on trawler at Cutbona




Cuncolim police have arrested two youth for allegedly committing murder of their friend, aged 25. The two were arrested by Cuncolim police from Velim area.

According to police, the 25-year-old was done to death with a knife on Friday night at around 11, on a trawler anchored at Cutbona jetty for unloading fish.

Police disclosed the name of the alleged accused as Santosh Bagh and Dhaneshwar Bagh, both aged 20; while the victim’s name was disclosed as Prasad Singh Lakhar, 25, from Odisha.

The police said that the murder took place after one of the accused passed a comment. This resulted in tempers flaring up and an argument broke out only to end up in a murder. The police said that all three were known to each other and were under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.

It was stated that Santosh allegedly attacked the deceased on his neck with a knife and he and Dhaneshwar then fled from the spot.

On Saturday, at around 5.45 a.m, the beat police found the two persons walking along the road at Combeabhat, Velim. Upon questioning the two and with their T-shirts having blood stains, the police took them into custody.

Police have registered the offence under Section 302 of IPC against Santosh and Dhaneshwar. After lengthy interrogation, it is learnt, the two confessed to the crime. It was stated that Santosh and Dhaneshwar are cousins.

Police said that the deceased’s body has been kept in the morgue at Hospicio hospital for post-mortem examination. Police were making efforts to recover the murder weapon.

Earlier, upon receiving information, Cuncolim police rushed to the site and conducted panchanama.

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