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‘Twelve months is our target to achieve break even’

Pick my cart a mobile app that makes it easier to do mundane tasks such as laundry, shopping for groceries, fruits and vegetables was launched recently. The app is by Androcid Media Pvt. Ltd., a company owned by Nagpur based Vrushali Khadse and app developed by Prajyot Mainkar. Khadse is very confident of the app and says that it will help to sort out life multi-loads at a time.
Q: Why did you opt to start a business in Goa?
I have visited multiple places around the world and within India, but I liked Goa the most and decided to settle down here. For the last seven years I have been in Goa. I am found of Goan language Konkani which so sweet to hear and talk. I liked the cool nature of locals. This is all about my personal feeling about Goa.
In terms of business, since I love Goa and its people I decided to do something first for Goa which even I will enjoy. Hence I launched pick my cart, a mobile app on Android. The app
will help Goans relax and be susegado without affecting their time.

Q: Are you here to stay?
Yes for me Goa is a heaven. We are already settled here. Also pick my cart is the first comprehensive m-commerce and online store for day to day needs which initiated its operation from Goa and then will replicated across India.

Q: Was starting your own business always in the mind or were you looking at other professions?
After the initial year of after my Masters in Science I worked in different industries but I was never satisfied and wanted to do something different and on my own. I thought of service at the door steps at the same cost which would help residents as they do not have to travel to the market and waste time.

Q: Do you feel the Goa market is ready for a groceries and multi-product mobile app?
India is a country of digital revolution, As per 2011 census Goa is at third position in India with 12.2 per cent internet users. The changing lifestyles of urban population have also led many people to rely on the internet for their shopping needs. Looking at the busy schedule of working people Goa looks as the perfect place to launch the mobile app. .

Q: Your toughest task in setting up the business?
To get quality man power with long term engagement is the toughest task which we are encountering as of now.

Q: The retail app business, how capital intensive is it and how are you funding it?
Yes, it is capital intensive business and to take it to pan India level huge capital will be required . We have managed the funding on own and have plans to expend in some more states soon.
In future we may look forward to venture capital and seed findings.

Q: Who are the target clientele that you are looking at for the app?
All internet users and all clients who give their laundry out for processing. For all other products
our target clienteles are working couples, old residents and people who want to to utilize their time in productive work instead of wasting time in all above things.

Q: When do you expect your company to break-even and start making profits?
Twelve months is our target to achieve break even and start making profits.

Q: As a women entrepreneur what are the specific challenges that you face.
For a women to become a entrepreneur is not a easy task as we have to play multiple roles. Even if you want to become a entrepreneur you have to do parallel tasks without affecting any single of them. But if you have good and understanding people around you then definitely the challenges can be met. There are always challenges but they have to be overcome if you want to do something different.

Q: Do you think more women should come into business and what would your advice be to them?
Yes definitely, I am sure each and every women have something unique to offer. It could be an idea initially which she has to sharpen. The only thing necessary is courage to take things forward and to the next level. Initially I tried to keep all my staff women but found it very difficult to convince them to travel from other cities perhaps because of family restrictions.

Q: How did you settle down and merge into the Goan lifestyle?
I am a Goan not by birth but by feelings.

Q: If not a businesswoman, what would you have chosen as a profession? Why?
If not a business woman I would have chosen to become a scientist as I am a MSc in science and interested in wild life. I would have become a wild life scientist.
Q: Your definition of susegado.
It means Goa — cool and easy going…..

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