Tune into Akshada Bandekar’s ‘A Christmas Song’

Akshada Bandekar in a still from the video ‘A Christmas Song’

Christmas is near! To set the tone for this festive season, singer and songwriter Akshada Bandekar will release a music video titled ‘A Christmas Song’ today on YouTube.

Speaking about the first Christmas song that she has written, sung and composed, Akshada says that she has always been a fan of Christmas songs and carols.

For Akshada, the music, festivities, the feeling of togetherness, sharing and celebrating with family and friends, are all synonymous with Christmas. “While writing this song I wanted to capture this very essence of Christmas. It is a song that is upbeat and is very catchy,” she says.

The video has been shot at Pilerne. “Since this a very themed song, celebrating the spirit of Christmas, a lot of the festive elements were present on set. So to me it felt like Christmas came early. That just added to the fun because it felt like a celebration.”

The music for the song has been done by Daulat. The director of photography is Joy Mayday.

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