Tune in to fun times at Taleigao

Third edition of Kor Kantar is here to enthral the kantaram enthusiats

Enjoy some of the best Konkani music from Goa as the much loved Kor Kantar Taleigao returns for a fourth edition. Organised by the parishioners of St Michael’s Church, Taleigao under the leadership of their parish priest Fr Cipriano da Silva, Kor Kantar Taleigao 2018 will be held on November 11, 7 p.m. opposite St Michael’s Church, Taleigao, to spread the love for Konkani and also to raise funds for the St Michael Parish Community Centre. November 11 is also the day that the parish celebrates the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Kor Kantar Taleigao 2018 boasts of a fabulous crew of celebrated singers and musicians as well as known and admired tiatrists. The musical evening will see Goa’s Nightingale Lorna Cordeiro debut some exclusive songs (unsung before) as well as her legendary renditions of the classics. Noted fadista Sonia Shirsat will also entertain the crowds. Other performers include Lavita Lobo from A R Rehman College, Chennai; Veeam Braganza, Divya, Naisa, Scully from Muscat, Sanio from Dubai, Lawry Travasso, Victoria from Margao, Ryan Borges and Naisa Lotlikar both winners of Goycho Avaz contest. Esther Noronha from Mangalore will make a guest appearance. There will also be performances by beloved Taleigao singers.

Comedians Humbert and Anita will tickle the funny bone while Newton D’Souza will be the compeer for the evening. Music will be rendered by Maestro Joaquim D’Souza, accompanied by Norman Cardozo (keyboard), Jack Rebello (drums), Francis Almeida (lead guitar), Shelton Afonso (bass), Deepak Kasare from Mumbai (trumpet), Dexter Furtado from Dubai (trumpet) and Theo Alvares (trumpet). Dias Events will do the lights and stage, sound is by Casant. Passes are available at St Michael’s Church office. Seats will be allotted on first come first serve basis.

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