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Trump would change governance philosophy, say supporters

PITTSBURGH (US): Donald Trump may have generated controversies right through his campaign trail but his supporters feel the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is “charismatic” and would change the philosophy of governance in the world’s largest economy.

Pennsylvania, a ‘coal country’ which once was the economic hub of America but is now badly hit by recession and new economy of climate change and green energy, could prove to be critical to Trump’s path to the White House.

The 69-year-old real estate tycoon is planning to spend quite a substantial amount in this key swing state and try to exploit the general economic disenchantment of small businesses and people with his slogan of ‘Make America Great Again’. “He (Trump) is a dynamic guy. He is refreshing. He is not any other politician. It’s now or never for America,” Ralph J Dadowski, who along with several hundred other supporters waited inside a hanger for hours to listen to Trump’s speech in this steel city, told PTI.

A local businessman in pharmaceutical sector, Dadowski strongly believes that Trump is the best person to lead the country.

“We need to change the philosophy of governance and how we do things. And Trump represents that,” Dadowski said, adding that he would vote for Trump in the November general elections.

As he kicked off his presidential campaign in full swing, Trump selected Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania as one of his key stopover this weekend.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, several thousand people waited for him inside a hanger for hours.

Trump also campaigned in Richmond in Virginia and Tampa in Florida — the other two swing states.

In all his speeches, he dwelt on similar themes — bringing jobs back to the country, reviving the economy, stopping illegal immigration, radical Islamic terrorism, making military strong and his personal attack on Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Political pundits, however, say it is a tough road for Trump in Pennsylvania as it was way back in 1989 that Pennsylvania was carried by a Republican candidate.

Since then no Republican presidential candidate has won this state.

Trump himself acknowledged the tough task ahead but exuded confidence that “his movement” would see him through this time. His die hard supporters also believe so. “Of course he is going to win Pennsylvania this time. No doubt about it,” asserted Traci Gerrard and her husband Alan Gerrard — who run a small business in Pennsylvania.

They said they want less restrictions in business and smaller government.

“Trump is charismatic. He says what other people are afraid to say,” Traci said at a Pittsburg rally of the Republican presidential candidate. The Gerrard couple voted for Trump during the primaries.

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