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Triumph of good over evil

Tiatr, ‘Devak Zai Zalear’, Roseferns’ 92nd production intends to show that good always wins over evil. He shares his views with NT BUZZ about truth, and lies that can never hide



Roseferns is one of the most sought after directors in the tiatr arena. His fans eagerly wait for his kaantaras that highlight current issues of the society and speak of reality.

His new tiatr ‘Devak Zai Zalear’ is a plot that revolves around two sisters, Delia and Sofia. They are orphan siblings, the elder sister Delia is blind. The younger Sofia takes care of Delia and hence they share a strong bond with each other. It is shown that their uncle, a Canadian resident, takes Delia to Canada to operate her eyes. However, while on the way to the airport the train that they travel in meets with an accident and Delia goes missing.

On the other hand, Sofia has no family and is thus the situation forces her to marry a man who ill-treats her. To make matters worse her mother-in-law as well taunts and ill-treats her. She thus has to live a life of disappointment with her in-laws. The question that is persistent throughout the tiatr is: Is Delia dead or alive? Will the tragedy bring two sisters together? What role will destiny play in their life?

Roseferns released this big-budget tiatr on July 21 this year. This monsoon tiatr will continue to have shows till the winter season.

With the belief that the evils and negativity around us never gets over, Roseferns feels that some negative happenings take place because there are negative persons in the society. However, God is equal to all and looks upon everyone equally. If you do good, you will receive the same. Hence, you can assume what you will get by the way you treat others.

“There are people who want to ruin other’s lives, their family. They are negative themselves and they plant the seed of negativity in another’s mind. We should stay away from such people and avoid getting carried away in their talks as such things are sure to disturb you and your family,” says Roseferns.

Roseferns adds that God is truth, and that a liar can never escape. He is punished some or the other way, while the gift of truth appears as a surprise to a sincere and truthful person. “I want to convey through this tiatr that truth and good always wins over a lie and the evil,” he says.

Writer-director Roseferns was inspired to write this tiatr when he met a blind girl. “They were two sisters that I met and one was blind. Apart from this, there is no resemblance in their story and the tiatr, but these two characters and the plot were inspired by these girls.”

Many tiatrists have given the same message of good wins over evil, through their tiatrs. As per Roseferns, every tiatrist has a distinct style of presenting one story. The stories, comedy and kaantaras are different. It is the way a tiatrist presents something that captivates his audience.

Further, every audience is different. One never knows when they take the message and realise their mistake. There are times when some spectators are changed people after watching a tiatr. Motivating point for each spectator can be different. Roseferns wants his spectators to enjoy his tiatr, but he also wishes to see a change in the society through it. In fact, even if one of his spectators changes his ways for his own good, Roserferns considers his tiatr successful.

‘Devak Zai Zalear’ has 14 kaantaras and three caants, presented beautifully. This director was still schooling when he first acted in tiatrs. He wrote his first tiatr, ‘Bolidan’ in a child’s perspective. Later, he formed his troupe ‘Roseferns Dramatic Troupe’ on October 25, 1980 with the release of his tiatr, ‘Thapott’ that completed 230 shows.

About his long journey, he says: “I feel proud and satisfied to work in the stream I dreamed of once. I’m always grateful to my audience for keeping me strong in this long journey. I thank God for the grace he has bestowed upon me and for choosing me as his instrument.”


(‘Devak Zai Zalear’ by Roseferns will have a show on August 25, 2018 at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao at 7.30 p.m. and August 26 at Kala Academy, Panaji at 3.30 p.m.)

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