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‘Traumfabrik is more romantic and a less political film’

The team of the 2019 German film, ‘Traumfabrik’ (Dream Factory), which was screened as the Midfest Film at the ongoing International Film Festival of India (IFFI), appreciated the IFFI crowd at the show of the film stating that in Germany everyone in the audience is stiff while watching movies, while here in Goa the audiences enjoy the film, and the whole film watching experience was “like a party”.

The team comprised director, Martin Schreier; executive producer, Sebastian Fruner and actors, namely, Nikolai Kinski, Wilfried Hochholdinger and Lea Fassbender.

“Even though ‘Traumfabrik’ has political backdrop in the form of Berlin Wall, I didn’t want to turn this romantic film into a political movie and lose focus of the production,” Martin stated, adding that there is political edge to the film but it is subtle.

Incidentally, Tom Zickler, the producer of the film passed away in September 2019 and the grief was visible in the members of the team. ‘Traumfabrik’ was completed in just 43 days and released in the 30th anniversary year of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

“This is the story of a young studio extra, who falls in love with a star of the film without knowing that she is actually the double of the lead actress,” Sebastian informed, maintaining that when the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961 separates them, the studio extra decides to make a film and cast her in it, so that they can unite again.

“Actually the story of the film is inspired by an event in the life of our producer, whose girlfriend had gone to Chile thus resulting in their permanent separation,” he stated, pointing out, “We put every heartbreaking story into this film.”

The team felt that the International Film Festival of India is better than the Berlin Film Festival. “The Berlin Film Festival is an intellectual event, and I have only heart and stomach, not much of a brain,” Martin quipped, retorting that lack of fizz in the Berlin Film Festival could be due to the winter that sets in Germany, during this festival. “Not only the people at the festival are freezing, but also the films are freezing,” he noted.

Martin also stated that he would like to shoot a film in India. “We know so little about India. When I go back, I need to see many Bollywood films,” he observed, lamenting, “I met so many Indian filmmakers at the IFFI, but did not know about them due to the distance between us.”

Calling the Indian film industry a vibrant and amazing industry, the German filmmaker admitted that he needs to do a lot of learning about Indian films.   

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