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Translated Portuguese Civil Code published in official gazette




The state government has translated Portuguese Civil Code, 1867 to English in the form of booklets following the order passed by the High Court of Bombay at Goa on March 24, 2017.

The department of law and judiciary has published the translated Portuguese Civil Code, 1867 in the official gazette for information of the general public.

The Portuguese Civil Code has been translated to guide and facilitate the use of the Code; notes have been inserted wherever possible below the articles or as footnotes all over the text of this translation.

According to the order, this type of amendment was done only once by the Portuguese Central Government at Lisbon, by Decree No 19126 of 16-12-1930, when the text of many articles were amended and subsequent editions of the Code were published with the amended text.

The order stated that the Family Law (Marriage, Divorce and Protection of Children) enacted in 1910-11 was also not physically integrated in the body of the Code,  so also the Goa Succession, Special Notaries and Inventory Proceeding Act, 2012 enacted in 2016 does not directly and specifically repeal but only states that corresponding provisions shall stand repealed.

Many concepts in the civil code do not have a synonymous expression in Indian or English law. Hence, various legal concepts and expressions have been translated to the nearest possible meaning considering the fact that this is a case of rendering a mid-19th century exposition of law, often archaic Portuguese, to a legal language understandable to contemporary Indian lawyers, it is stated.

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