Tuesday , 21 May 2019
Trans-disciplinary healthcare centre launched in Fatorda
Karan Sajnani founder Satori Healthcare addressing the media in Panaji

Trans-disciplinary healthcare centre launched in Fatorda


Satori Healthcare, a franchisee of Preventia Healthcare company, Mumbai, launched its first, trans-disciplinary healthcare centre in Fatorda, recently. The founder of Satori Healthcare, Karan Sajnani while speaking to media said that his company was proud of taking the integrative route to healthcare by offering a number of medical and therapeutic disciplines under one roof. The USP of the company was to offer effective curative healthcare solutions in a non-invasive manner.

“Our company’s mission is to improve the quality of life of humanity and future generations to come,” said Sajnani and emphasised that his company envisions a future, where healthcare is non-invasive and highly effective.

According to Sajnani, his company is keen to support the local community in Goa and present estimates indicate that a majority of the current clientele were locals.

Satori Healthcare plans to spread its reach all over the state soon with sub-franchises and partnerships. In the next few seasons, the plan is to work towards developing serious healthcare tourism in the state.

The company’s therapeutic elements on offer at the centre consist of BPM therapy, yoga therapy, ayurveda, sound therapy, movement therapy, physiotherapy and they have visiting consultants of a number of disciplines as well. The BPM therapy, according to Sajnani, is a special integration of ancient Indian healthcare methods and Ayurveda.

He said, “The centre in Fatorda will offer a number of services ranging from curative to preventive healthcare. We will treat a spectrum of conditions ranging from chronic cases of pain, neurological conditions and neurodevelopmental disorders to spinal issues, sports injuries, obesity, addiction, insomnia, mental health issues and a lot more.”

“Satori’s mental health wing is particularly strong offering the cutting edge methods of practical psychology which is suitable for dealing with complex mental, psychiatric and psychological issues without the use of internal medication,” he added.