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Traffic violations on the rise in Goa

Panaji: Since January this year, on an average, around 21 motorists have been booked per day in the state for riding/driving under the influence of alcohol.

As per the statistics, in the last 51 days, the Goa traffic police have booked around 1,080 motorists for drunk riding/driving. During the corresponding period last year, around 863 motorists were booked for the offence.

Police said that this year there is around 61 per cent increase in the cases of red light jumping. From January till February 20, 196 cases related to the offence have been booked whereas last year, during the corresponding period, 121 motorists were booked for red light jumping.

According to police, there is also an over 50 per cent increase in cases pertaining to the use of mobile phone while riding/driving. In the last 51 days, 554 cases have been booked, while last year, during the corresponding period, 355 cases relating to the offence were booked.

The traffic police have booked 1,433 motorists for overspeeding since January this year. Last year, during the same period, there were 1,379 such cases.

Police said that those booked for riding/driving under the influence of alcohol, overspeeding, red light jumping and using mobile phone while riding/driving also face suspension of licence for a period of three months apart from paying fine. The licences of the offenders are referred to the concerned road transport authority for initiating the necessary action, said police officials.

A police official said that special drives are being conducted against drunk driving, riding without helmet, driving without licence, rash and negligent driving, overspeeding, underage rider/driver apart from regular enforcement of traffic laws.

Rash and negligent driving/riding is the main cause of accidents, police said adding that in order to minimise road accidents and fatalities, strict enforcement of traffic laws is

being carried out.

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