Friday , 19 April 2019
Trace your roots with ‘Bhoomij’

Trace your roots with ‘Bhoomij’

Sawani Shetye a post-graduate in Archaeology from the Deccan College, Pune, is all set to launch her start-up ‘Bhoomij Heritage Consultancy’ today at Sanskruti Bhavan, Panaji at 5 p.m, with the focus to spread heritage education in Goa. In conversation with NT BUZZ Sawani gives us an insight about what ‘Bhoomij’ is all about


‘Bhoomij’ in Sanskrit means ‘born of the earth’ and Sawani Shetye from Porvorim, chose this deeply rooted term for her new venture with the aim of unearthing archaeological facts and findings to give the lay people a proper understanding of history.

Through ‘Bhoomij’ she will conduct lectures, courses, workshops and trails. The first event planned is a public lecture along with the inauguration of ‘Bhoomij’ today at Sanskruti Bhavan, Panaji. Here renowned archaeologist from Deccan College, Pune, Abhijit Dandekar will speak on the topic ‘Culture, Nature and Us’.

Curiosity led the 23-year-old to set up the consultancy, she says: “Being an archaeology student I was always curious to know about various archaeological findings and to let people know about their cultural heritage. There are many people who come from different educational backgrounds but are very inquisitive to know about the historical or heritage aspect of a monument or place they visit. And with these events I wish to enhance their knowledge of the heritage value of a place.”

She recently registered her start-up as a micro-business enterprise under the government‘s Udyog Aadhaar scheme. In Goa, Sawani has conducted various nature trails at Kushawati River and several other places; and reading sessions and discussions of the Amar Chitra Katha, a comic based on history for students.

Sawani feels that it is not possible to preserve or conserve heritage and culture entirely as it tends to influence the modern times we live in. “Culture is said to be like a flowing river, you cannot entirely preserve how it was meant to be for future, as it tends to get an influence of the modern times. But what matters most is knowing the importance and understanding the value of the particular monument, site or anything historical and keep it alive through passing on information that lives,” she concludes.


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