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Toy Beach Club opens in Candolim

In order to provide a blend of good music and food, Sunburn White yesterday launched its first franchise at Candolim with Toy Beach Club.

The Toy Beach Club founded by Sandip Gupta and Rajdip Gupta aims to offer its guests a ‘classic-wine and dine’ experience. It also wishes to redefine the luxury hospitality experience in India with Goa being the first state where it has launched.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, CEO Percept Live, Manuj Agarwal said: “Every time we get done with an event, while walking out, we have always seen people sad, that Sunburn was over. It’s that feeling and expression that prompted us to think on how we can stay with our fans throughout the year and not just be an event experience. This is one of the things that lead to creation of Sunburn White.”

Founder, Toy Beach Club, Rajdip Gupta said that it is a difficult task to make people happy and satisfied especially when it comes to food. “It takes more courage and effort to stomach success than it takes to get there. Toy Beach Club is going to be the haven for people who would like to submerge in the world of fine dining and world class culinary experience. Having associated with Sunburn, only opens up doors for a wider range of our customers to come and seek luxury in the details we have put together for the bigger, larger than life of sorts, picture.”

After the launch in Goa, Sunburn White will launch in Pune with a target of 5-6 franchisee all over India in the first year, 15 in the second year and 20 by the third year. Internationally Sunburn will launch one in the first year followed by three in the second year and five in the third year.

Sunburn White will feature unique music events featuring the best global talent.

Going forward, Sunburn will look at expanding to international destinations such as Sri Lanka, Thailand and other South Asian countries to launch Sunburn White.

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