Wednesday , 16 October 2019
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Touxeachem Feast celebrated at Talaulim


Touxeachem Fest is the annual feast celebrated to mark the feast of St Anne at Santana Church in Talaulim. This feast was celebrated with religious fervour and age old rituals on the last Sunday of July, though the actual feast of St Anne is on July 26.

This Cucumber feast is called so, as childless couples come to seek the blessings of St Anne, who herself was blessed with a child- Mary after 40 years of barren life. People buy cucumbers from local vendors at the feast. People generally buy two cucumber, they offer one at the feet of St Anne and then take the other home. The cucumbers offered are then distributed to villagers, priests who come on the day of the feast and the rest are sent to neighbouring villages. People either eat it as it is or use it in salads. The reason behind offering cucumbers is because it is available in plenty during this season.

Sunday, saw devotees from all across the state throng the church to celebrate the feast. They come to seek blessings of the old miraculous statue and relic of St Anne that is housed in the 435-year-old church. One can witness serpentine queues on the day of the feast, which continue till evening.

People also come here to seek blessings to get a life partner and for a happy marriage. Other offerings are bangles and ‘chuddo’ offered by newlyweds, metal or a wooden spoon offered by bachelors and lentils offered by spinsters. Here, many couples carrying their little ones are seen waiting for their turn in the queue offering cucumbers in thanksgiving for being blessed with a child.

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