Wednesday , 26 February 2020
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Prince Jacob presents a tale of marital infidelity and subsequent repentance in his new ‘tiatr’ titled ‘Sukhant Toxem Dukhant’. That marriage is a union of two individuals who have stay together in good times and bad has been very well depicted in this stage presentation.

Aidan and Placida are apparently in love. But when Aidan offers Placida a ring and requests her to meet his family she discards him. Aidan gets drunk and returns home. Here everything seems to be going well. They are rich, his brother Freddy holds a good job, the sister-in-law Cybil is like a mother to him, and he has a cute niece, Myra. But all is not well. Cybil is very sick and also has a major problem to face. Watch this play onstage to know the rest.

The play has a good script and has been presented with a fine sense of direction. The actors play their part well. There is plenty of humour to offset the pathos, eye pleasing stage settings by Kapil Chariand, and good light effects by John Fernandes. Annie heads the cast in a heart wrenching act as the suffering Cybil. New comer Valencia is quite evil as the scheming Placida. Sonia is the cute daughter. Diana plays two characters, one of a teacher and later that of a matron. Edel makes a fine debut as Aidan and Jose impresses in the role of the selfish husband. Jacinto is the doctor, Ignatius (Xelvon) is Cybil’s father and Cajetan (Curtorim) adds his bit to the comedy. Hazel is back in style as Inacin, the part time maid who gets possessed at certain hours. The great vibes between her, Humbert and Jacob produce a laugh riot. Watch out for the act of the proposal and later the act in the hospital when Humbert explains to Valencia the problem that Cybil faces.

Seby Moraes is great on the trumpet. He is supported by Tony (trumpet), Rohan (keyboard), Daniel (bass) and Aniceto (drums). The opening song is a treat with all characters of a wedding party. There are other songs by Annie, Valencia, Ignatius (Xelvon), Cajetan (Curtorim), Jose, Jacob and Humbert.



Sao Gonsalo Dramatic Group has released ‘Modli Onnot’ a ‘tiatr’ depicting family values and showing how one evil member in the family can destroy unity and happiness. Written by Domnic Botelho, the ‘tiatr’ is directed by A M Araujo and was awarded the third prize at the Kala Academy Group B competition.

Reginald has retired from government service and has plans to enjoy retired life with his family, especially with his grandchildren. His sons Philip and Manu are married to Silvy and Nancy. There are three grandchildren, Thereza, Savio and Edwin. There is also an uncle named Andre. Unfortunately, Nancy has ego problems and a false pride. She creates an unnecessary rift in the family. The rest is to be watched onstage, as the lives of these characters mingle till the children are grown and consequences have to be faced for wrong actions in the past.

The play depicts the problems in families. The relation between a grandfather and grandchildren is well enacted. The set is designed by Vincent Lourenco and Vishant Shirodkar provides the light effects. The cast of amateur actors has performed well. Maria Fernandes is the kind Silvy and Marina Fernandes the scheming egoist Nancy. Philip Azavedo and Manuel Gonsalves are the husbands. Reginald Nazareth does a great act as the grandfather, Nazareth. The three youngsters, Cyder, Joshua and Sendrisha act well and bring a lot of liveliness to the play. Cancio, Agostinho and Alifa play the older children. Jose Gonsalves is the priest and George Fernandes is the doctor. Christopher Menezes adds humour as the uncle, Andre.

The band is led by Vitorino Araujo (trumpet) and features Armando (saxophone), Sammy (trombone), Cannon (keyboard), Amaro (bass) and Xavier (drums). The young Cyder Dias adds punch to the opening song. There are songs on various subjects by Reginald, Christopher, Ave, Manuel, Sendrisha, Joshua, Cyder, Juwale and other debutantes. Suraj Naik provides the background music.



‘Zall’, John D’ Silva’s new ‘tiatr’ tells of how some women use their charm to trap innocent men and outcome of this. A corrupt politician has already been promised a ticket by his party.  He is all set to win the elections. His son Max and daughter-in-law Myra try to dissuade him. There is a problem in the form of an independent candidate, Lincoln, a college professor who wants to challenge the sitting MLA. Delilah, claiming that she is a reporter says she wants to interview the new candidate.  She uses her charm to seduce the professor and later accuses him of molestation and rape. The politician’s problem is solved, but at what price? Watch the rest on stage to learn the outcome of evil perpetrated on others.

The play has a good moral, script and a cast that does well. Melisha, after playing innocent and humorous roles plays this negative role in style. Meeta is Myra and Laveena is the mother of the professor. Peter (Pedda) acts well as the condemned professor, Anif is Max and Rons is great as the conniving politician.  Anita joins John and Nato in the comedy. Remy lends good support. The singing competition is a laugh riot.

Filipe Sanvordem on saxophone leads the band that has Christo (trumpet), John (drums), Jose (bass) and Sylvester (keyboard).  Peter does the opening song and there are other solos, duets and trios by Melisha, Socorro de Sta Cruz, John D Silva, Ivan, Anif, Francis de Tuem and others. Solos by Socorro and Rons need special mention.

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