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Amkam Kiteak Poddlam!

Prince Jacob Productions, once again hit the nail on the head with this impressive sequel to the much appreciated ‘Aao, Jao, Goa Tumhara’. Now the migrants have taken over many businesses in Goa, legal as well as illegal; rapes and robberies over time have increased and the corrupt politician considers the migrants, as their vote bank.  Goans still are least bothered and if they are not troubled, it is ‘Amkam Kiteak Poddlam!’

The plot opens with Sharma who has built a double storey bungalow. The neighbours, all locals, still have their old tiny houses. Damiao and his wife Angela sell fish, Caitan, Assumtin and their son Joe have a fast food kitchen. Soon the local MLA out of vengeance knocks out this business, as they have no FDA certificate. They had not supported him in the elections. Rajnikant is a migrant who gets a government job and Joe who is a graduate in hospitality is asked to sell ‘bhajyas’. Mayawati, the pretty wife of Sharma, brings some fun in the humdrum life of the men and is hated by the women. Sridevi is the wise elderly widow who knows where she stands. There are other characters too. Goans are troubled while migrants are supported by the MLA and the cops. Soon the panchayat elections are due. Watch what happens later and the solution that could be used, to save Goa from destruction.

Unity among Goans is a must. If this attitude of ‘why should I bother’ continues, we are bound to fail.  Reference is made to many evils plaguing Goa, pollution, especially of food, dual citizenship, toilet cleaners and the importance of the army. The fine script and sleek direction keeps the tale moving at good pace. Problems are highlighted and there is plenty of humour too. The set is used well and there are some good songs. The cast performs well. Diana as the elderly Sridevi, entertains the audience throughout with her witty but thoughtful remarks. There is great acting also from Maria Lourdes, as one of the wives; at times funny, at times angry and tragic too. Valency is the young migrant wife and Reema as the young fisherwoman do well. Michael is the migrant leader. Anil Pednekar is the politician. The two give their role a great touch. Cedric is the other migrant and Cassiano acts in style as the son. Joe adds some negativity in his role in the latter half of the tiatr. Jacob vibes well with John D’ Silva creating laughter. It is good to watch them together. Jacinto, Bonny Alvin, Agnelo and Rons play minor roles.

Seby Moraes (trumpet) leads the band. Matias (trumpet), Aniceto (drums), Rizbern (bass) and Rohan (keyboard) back the songs. The opening song by Rons, Reema, Lourdes and Bonnie is done well. There are other good songs from Olga, Anil, Valency, Reema, Jacob, Rons, Cassiano, Agnelo, Bonnie and others. A solo by Lourdes is amazing, with fine rendition and lyrics. Solos, each by Agnelo, Rons and Bonnie stand out. This is a good entertainer with a message.


Devak Zai Zalear

Roseferns tiatr titled ‘Devak Zai Zalear’ is based on a story of a family torn apart due to the evil perpetrated by a son and his mother.

The curtain opens on two sisters, Delia and Sofia, crying their heart out. They are orphans and one of them is blind. Their uncle Antonio Rosario and his evil spouse, Marequinha are a rich couple. They had adopted a child from an orphanage. Anson, the orphan loves his adopted father who is illiterate. The son, who they beget later, returns from America. Kenneth, the son is a drunk and had an evil mind, just like his mother. Sofia gets married to Kenneth. Delia is sent to Calcutta for an eye operation. One day drunken Kenneth commits a crime and the blame comes on Anson. Herman the police officer is given charge of the investigation. Afterwhich several incidents take place and one fine day, Delia, who had gone missing, suddenly returns back and is able to see.

The tale is quite melodramatic and has many incidents happening throughout. The set looks good. The cast has Antonette and Roma as the two sisters. Betty Alvares is the loud and evil woman while Tari is the adopted son Anson has played his role quite well. Watch the scene where he is given something to eat and is being abused. Rosario plays the role of drunk and crook Kenneth as Creto makes a fine cop. Roseferns plays the father in his usual style. In the comedy, there is Agostinho as a teacher in a night school. The use of some Portuguese words like ‘aula’, ‘quartela’, ‘tinta’ and others are very amusing. Nato, Dorothy, Rishton and another new face are the students. Selvy steals the show in the main acts, as a cousin who seems to know a lot of things. Watch the act as he investigates the suicide attempt.

Theo Alvares (trumpet), Tremson (drums), Rahul (bass) and Arif (keyboard) provide backing for the songs. Theo as usual is exceptional on the trumpet. Ageema renders the opening song in great style. It is good to see and listen to her. There are other songs from Rosario de Benaulim, Alison, Saby de Divar, Antonette, Roma, Simran and others were good. A trio from Cajetan-Tari-Creto stands out in this tiatr.

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