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Tiatr REVIEW – jp pereira

Giddh 2

This is a big presentation from JVR Productions, Colva and supported by comedy Supremo Humbert. Congratulations to the team of ‘Giddh 2’ for presenting this Broadway style tiatr. This has to be appreciated!

‘Giddh 2’ is a political drama but the concept is different. Politicians play dirty but what do the public do.  Each one is worried about their benefits and breaking the law is fine. Braganza is the local minister who is corrupt to the core. Joe is the doctor who trades in human organs. Vlademir is the drug dealer. Joe’s daughter Femilla is a news reporter who seeks the truth. Jayant is the MLA who is out to make a change for the better. Along with these is the corrupt cop, Sawant, his equally boot licking wife, Shalini and Medora, the innocent victim. The lives of these characters are intertwined. One day, Jayant gets a chance to be the new CM. But does he succeed? Watch the play to know what happens as the play recounts various problems that Goans face today, because of the many corrupt politicians as well as the selfishness of the public. Written by Vallecio Vaz and directed by Jose Santos, the tiatr brings to the fore the drug problem, coal pollution, organ trade, rape and other issues that affect us today. The script hits the nail on the head and is researched well. Presented with a big cast and a unique setting, designed by @Ray’s Atelier Colva.  After a long time, the Margao municipality is not seen, when the curtain opens. There is a huge garden, the hospital, the street with stalls and the house. Light effects by Dinesh are timely. Good use is made of the area lighting. There are good songs and the music is good to hear. The cast has Sheron as the evil and greedy Shalini. She does the role well! Medora is the innocent victim and Femilla plays the outright reporter. Pegado as Braganza, Eleuterio as Jayant and Joe Dicarpale as the evil doctor do their roles in style. Fermino is Vladimir, perfectly eccentric and cruel. Arif does the corrupt cop very well. Teotonio does various roles, Diptesh and Johny Diniz support with minor entries. There is good comedy too!  Meena Goes does a humorous role as the local fish vendor. Right on cue with the other established comedians. Humbert is the shop owner, Luis Bacchan sells omelettes, Lino is the local drunk and Vallecio the local. The five have the audience in splits. Look out for the opening act in the market and the haunting levitation. Good fun!

Macroy, Menino, Jollan, Macmilan and Mariano provide great music. Wilma and Peviola enchant with the opening song and return later for another duo. There are songs by Olga Vaz, Victoria, Anil Pednekar and Jr Reagan. Vallecio- Johny Diniz-Diptesh renders a fine trio and the young Holly sings a beautiful solo.  Don’t miss this show, it is unique and different.


Goyem Konnanchem?

‘Goyem Konnanchem?’ the new tiatr from Saby de Divar hits out at the corrupt politicians and the police, while warning Goans of the influx of migrants, who will soon hold Goa to ransom.

Sawant is the local MLA and his wife Lata is the sarpanch. Her brother Vikas is the local goon. Migrants have already taken over prime ruling positions in our tiny Goa. They are enjoying their lives here.  Helping them is the police officer Cia. She is not bad, but feels that opposing these corrupt people is pointless as somehow they win in the end. PSI Rohan is a tough and honest cop. He wants to fight against all these guys. Risha is Cia’s younger sister. Vikas is arrested for various offences, but is released due to lack of evidence. He is also a drug dealer. Everytime he is arrested, the minister and his illiterate wife help his release. One day PSI Rohan is framed. The rest is to be watched on stage as good fights against evil, but can it win?

Saby has touched on many problems that Goans face, because of the rampant corruption. The warning is clear. Goans have to be careful and fight back, especially when local politicians encourage migrants. The pre-interval act is executed very well, a surprise awaits the audience! The cast has Trecilla as the police officer Cia. Acts well and has the style. Ofelia is the sarpanch who dresses and speaks like the typical uneducated migrant, who can win an election by bribing the people. A fine act! Tracy plays the young sister who is in love with the PSI. Anil Pednekar doles out a power packed act as the minister. Cajiton is the irritating and evil Vikas. Vishal is superb as PSI Rohan. He lives the character! Check him out in the second half too! Aveena, Mathew, Agnelo and Caetan try to create some humour.

The band has Vitorino, Senon, Macroy, Mariano, Wilbur and Macmilan. The opening song is rendered well by Ciana with Tracy. There are other songs by Saby, Olga, Anil, Evaristo, Cajiton, Ofelia and others. A duo by Evaristo with Cajiton is good. The quartet rendered by Saby with the three young kids is fun. Watchable!


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