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Paichem, Tem Bhurgeanchem

‘Paichem Tem Bhurgeanchem’, the new tiatr by Menino de Bandar is another melodrama about ill treatment of women and how she is ready to suffer to be with her husband.

Roma and Myron are in love. They are on a bridge and Myron loves hunting helpless animals. Roma convinces him to stop and he agrees. As they sing and dance on the bridge, Roma tells him she is pregnant with his child. She pleads that the marriage should happen soon. He refuses and wants to abort the baby, dragging Roma to the doctor. The man who stopped killing animals is ready to abort his own child. The good doctor advises the couple and Myron agrees to get married. He however takes Roma back to the bridge and after singing to her begins demanding for an abortion again. She refuses and is thrown off the bridge, into the sea. Roma is saved.

Myron’s father is an upright advocate. He demands that his son gets married to Roma, or a case will be filed in the court of law, for rape. Myron agrees and Roma falls from the frying pan into the fire. And her troubles continue…

The double face of some men is depicted well through the irresponsible Myron. The cast has Janice, as the suffering Roma. A fine act! There is Lavina as the mother. Satyawan Tari is impressive as the advocate, Johny is Bartholomeo, Roma’s father; and Maxcy is Myron, cruel and without scruples. Menino plays the doctor and Humbert is Pascal, first as the compounder and later as the man who helps to settle things in the unruly family. Humorous! He also joins Valencio and Fiona, for the extra comedy, which unfortunately is quite vulgar.

Dominic (trumpet), Simon, Martin, (saxophones), Mervin (drums) and Jolan (keyboard and bass) back the songs. Janice renders the opening song and there are other songs by Cajetan de Curtorim, T Britton and some others.


Amchea pavlank uzvadd

Dominic Carvalho’s new tiatr ‘Amchea Pavlank Uzvadd’ is a fine tale of misunderstandings and treachery, with a good dose of suspense.

Eliza, a widow, has two children. Rohan has just been appointed in the police force while Natasha is still in college. Zinga is the local goon, a drug dealer and womaniser. Rohan marries Swizel, sister of the no good Zinga. Savio is deeply in love with Natasha. After the initial hesitation, Natasha gives in. Swizel wants Natasha to marry her no good brother Zinga. But Eliza, who loves her children, accepts her daughter’s choice and Natasha gets married to Savio.   Then there is a twist in the tale! Swizel and Zinga come together to do something very sinister.

An interesting tale marred with the long drawn comedy, the main story moves briskly. The actors do justice to their roles. Regina is Natasha. A well enacted role, with the right emotions and dress sense. The young girl is doing well. Sonia is the evil Swizel who plays the negative role in great style. Cynette is aptly cast as Eliza, the mother. Peter de Colva does well as the cop, Johny is the cool soft spoken Savio and Cyril is Zinga, the goon. Edel is fine as the doctor.  Romaldo has lots to tell, as the humorous uncle. The comedy from Reza, Rosario, as the old lady once again and Socorro as the hawaldar needs to be shortened.

Francis leads the band. Reginald de Panchwadi renders the opening song and returns later for a solo. There are other good songs by Cynette, Jr Reagan, Jose Mario, Johny and others. Solos by Rosario de Benaulim and another by Edel stand out.

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