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Tiatr REVIEW JP Pereira

Jivit ek sopon

Prem Kumar was the showman of the Konkani stage. This tiatr written by him, has been presented by Vandana Productions from Borim and directed by Agnelo de Borim. The show had a packed audience, enjoying every minute. It was a treat to Watch!

The play opens with the birth of a child. The father has died in an accident and the mother dies during childbirth. The evil cousin wants to throttle the orphan, as they could then usurp the wealth. The loyal servant escapes with the baby and lands up in Bombay, now Mumbai. Cut to the next act.

The elder of three brothers has looked after the younger ones with love. His wife has cared for them too. The second brother marries a shrewd girl who causes problems.  The youngest brother leaves home and lands up in Mumbai. After encountering problems, he meets Raja, a beggar who fakes various infirmities to get alms. They make friends and there is a twist in the tale, as the story continues to its beautiful climax.

The simple script has so much to tell, and impresses with the beautiful dialogues.  Sleekly directed by Agnelo de Borim, the story is narrated with area lighting by Avinash Chari on a set created by Pobre Dias with Piedade Borges. The well chosen cast perform well. Alberto Cardoso as the elder brother is brilliant in his act. Gloria de Sousa and Rita Mendes do well as the two wives. Antonetta D’Souza plays Raja and later transforms into the pretty Eremita, in a role enacted with style. Shreyas Kalangutkar, a new talent on the Konkani stage, is cast well as the young man who flees to Bombay while Alleluia Fernandes plays the second brother. Armando Fernandes as the elderly Frank, Clint Fernandes, Rafael Rodrigues, Ivy Pereira and Agnelo Fernandes lend good support to the tiatr.

Alex Alphonso, Mariano Furtado (saxophones), Chris Alphonso(drums), Walsh Fernandes (keyboard) and Ashley Telles (bass) back the songs. The music is good, however at times one of the saxophones was too loud and the singers couldn’t be heard clearly. The young drummer has good style and plays well. Ryan Dias provides the background. Anson Fernandes, P Agnelo and Jesmond Clement sing a tribute to Prem Kumar, in the opening song. The various vintage songs include ‘Dorji’, ‘Ronnie’, ‘Motlobi Aunty’, ‘Wilma’, ‘Ghevun Nachotam’ and many others, are rendered in style by Assenca Fernandes, Ivy Pereira Albuquerque, Anson Gomes, Jesmond Clemente, Mill- Mel-Nel and P Agnelo. The duo, ‘Guitar Xinkoi’ from Anson and Alberto is a treat. It is a must watch tiatr.


Pormollachim Fulam

Lawry Travasso’s ‘Pormollachim Fulam’ recounts another tale of suffering, abuse of parents and ungrateful, selfish children.

An elderly couple, Rosy and Rio love each other. Their only son Franky is married to Antonette and the young couple have a child.  As the younger family is going to London with the baby, they request the mother to accompany them and stay in London for a few days, till they get adjusted to the place. The old couple agrees although the husband cannot live on his own, as he is totally dependent on his wife. In London, Rosy’s troubles begin as the young harass the old and even physically assault her.

The child dies and the grandmother is blamed for it. The priest from Goa, comes to her aid but no one wants to listen. One day, as the mother collapses, the priest prays over her and places the Holy Bible on her head. The son picks up the bible and flings it out.  The show goes on with the ill treatment of the old couple and the evil doings of the younger one.

A large cast performance is seen in this Lenten tiatr. Saldanha’s stage set is good to look at and Tremson provides the light effects. Rosy Alvares and Mario Menezes perform well as the elderly couple, and so does Antonette and Franky as the younger ones.  Ulhas Tari is effective as the priest. Filipe Almeida is the secret lover. Lawry does a cameo in the tiatr. Janet, John D’Silva, Brian, Richard and Ambe provide the humour. Unfortunately, this group of talented comedians is not used to its potential.

Norman Cardozo leads the band. The music packs a lot of punch with Theo Alvares, Macroy on trumpets, Wilbur on bass and Manuel on drums. Peter de Arambol sings the fine opening song. There are other songs by Lawry Travasso, Marcus Vaz, Xavier Gomes, Antonette, Tony de Ribandar and others.  The political song by Francis de Tuem with Brian and Richard needs special mention.

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