Tuesday , 25 September 2018


Ghor Nhoi, Ghorabo

The latest tiatr from Menezes Theatre, ‘Ghor Nhoi, Ghorabo’ written and directed by Mario Menezes is a presentation of a tale of two families. Recounted with touching scenes as well as plenty of humour, this ‘tiatr’ also delivers a timely message.

The household has two families. One family is of Rio who stays with his wife Alzira and his son, Ashton.  The other family has Olga a widow and her son Flavon.  Rio’s family is rich. The father is busy making money and the mother has engaged herself in social service while their son enjoys the wealth. He has no one to love him, so he seeks happiness with drinks, drugs, friends and girls. He has also been arrested many times. The other boy is doing well; he loves his mother and is also in love with Fiona.  Both the families have a fine relation with each other but then; the rich man’s son is out to destroy the family with his selfish desires and deceit. The tiatr is an entertainer and gives a message about family and its values.

Mario Menezes has written a fine script and manages to convey the message in less than three hours.  The production is sleek, there is no waste of time and add to this the comedy, some songs and the music.

The opening act, the act when Flavon brings his girl to meet his mother, the one with the migrant and, the visit of a famous ‘tiatrist’ are executed in style.

Rosy Alvares shines as Olga, the loving and caring mother.  Maria acts quite haughty as the rich and proud Alzira. Melissa has acted well as Fiona. Francisco is convincing as the good son while Franky is perfectly evil. Good acting from both.  Mario Menezes is the rich father to the hilt. Bunty Vaz is the new talent; he plays the police officer in style.  Joana and Humbert are seen together after many years.  Joana is great as she tries to imitate many stars of the Konkani stage and Humbert presents a delightfully different act, playing various characters to keep the audience in splits.  Shodan, Bobet and John Hatts play minor roles.

Agnelo, Nazareth, Clinton, Denson and Manuel play good music.  Maria and Melissa have rendered the opening song.  There are other good songs from Rosy, Melissa, Lawry, Mario, Tony de Ribandar, Shodan and others. Two solos, especially one on the mighty power of God by Bunty Vaz, stand out. Great style and a fine sense of dressing.  Keep on singing Bunty.

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