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Tiatr Review – J P Pereira


VF Productions has released a tiatr written by Victor D’Costa and directed by Filipe Fernandes.  ‘Bondkhonn’ is a story of sacrifice, greed and human nature to go to any extent to achieve one’s desire.

The tiatr opens with Luis, a goon boasting about how evil he can be. The story then cuts to the celebration of a woman’s birthday. Her son Vicky and daughter Lavina wait for the adopted son Charles to begin the celebrations. As they go about with the preparations, someone enters the house and murders the mother. Soon, Charles enters the house to see his visibly unconcious mother, who is declared dead upon examination. The tale then discloses the various reasons why she could have been murdered. Her brother wants to know the truth and so does Liby – the girl who appears to be in love with Charles. The doctor too is involved in some illegal happenings. The drama unfolds to disclose the murderer and the reason for the crime.

It is a different story told with good acting. At times, some of the dialogues seem to be unnecessary but the drama is watchable. Anthony de Ambajim provides good light effects. Soccorina plays the mother and Jorisha is the daughter. Senita, quite stylish, does well as Liby, the mysterious lover. Victor as the son Vicky and Peter de Vasco as the adopted Charles are cast well. Sanny is fine as the doctor. Peter de Maina stands out as the uncle who wants to know the reason for the murder. Bunty is the overbearing goon who plays the role of Luis. There are others who play minor roles. Hortencio, Prithvi, Selinka and Michelle provide the humorous bits.

Francis leads the band. The music is pleasant and the songs are nice. Victor renders the opening song with fine lyrics. There are other good songs by Valencio, Reginald de Panchwadi, Victor, Conception and others. Solos by Master win for parents and another by Bunty for the seamen, need special mention. However a trio from Win-Senita-Valencio is supposed to be funny but is quite sexist. Watch this drama.  There is something different to this tale.


Cheddvam Tim Fulam

‘Cheddvam Tim Fulam’ written and directed by Naz, is a tale of an adamant girl who refuses to marry her lover because of his mistake.

Frankie and Beena are in love. Beena’s mother wants the girl to settle down in life and is quite pleased that she has found her match. Before they marry the two lovers decide to disclose to each other if they have any secrets. Both convince each other and Frankie tells her that he does not consume alcohol. Beena is happy, for she had a troubled childhood as her father was a drunkard who harassed the family and died in penury. One day, Frankie meets Benny, an old friend and both enter a restaurant. Benny forces Franky to drink and get very drunk. In a drunken state he meets Beena who decides to leave him instantly, with no hope of changing her mind. Here on begins the tragic tale of the lover, a mother and a girl who seems to know it all.

The tiatr is a tragic melodrama; this time around, the boy is made to suffer. He cries and begs but to no avail. The cast has Annie Quadros, superb as the mother and is very convincing in every act. Flory acts well as the adamant Beena. New entrant Movin is good as the lover Frankie; with a fine dialogue delivery but he should hold back his crying. Naz, Carmo and others play minor roles. The comedy is quite drab in spite of Melisha being present.

The band is good. Annie Quadros renders the opening song. Besides this there are other songs from Cajetan de Curtorim, Olga, Anil and others.

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