Thursday , 23 May 2019

Tiatr personality – JP Pereira

Maye Mogacho Yevkar

The latest from husband-wife duo Elvis and Carmen is a tiatr about loving parents and ungrateful children. Maye Mogacho Yevkar recounts this narrative in a delightfully different way. It is convincing without the melodrama.

Maria and Jose are happily married and have celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary. Their children Joel and Masha have been brought up with love and morals, and are attending college. Joel is in love with Gayle whose parents are in London, and she is supposed to join them. Masha on the other hand is accosted by Bala who claims undying love for her. He is a no good, prospering matka agent. Jose tries to convince both his children that this is the time to study and not fall in love. The children however have their own way and the parents relent. What happens later is interesting. Watch this tiatr to know the outcome and extent of the children’s cruelty towards their parents who never stopped loving them.

Elvis-Carmen have written a tale that is told very often. The difference lays in the fine script, the characterisation, the behaviour of the parents and the entire casts’ acting. Deftly directed, the play has some humour, good songs and music. Chitra and Elvis play the ageing parents and deliver their best performances. Chitra is a loving wife while Elvis plays the role of a doting husband; they both have a sense of humour and understanding. Carmen plays the role of Masha who is a daughter torn between her parents and a crooked, frightening husband. Celia is Gayle, the heartless daughter-in-law and Nevil does well as the selfish son. Samir impresses with the hard-hitting act as evil Bala. Rocky as the cop, Benny as the principal and Mariano as the doctor are cast well. Humbert, Joel and Felcy create moments of laughter. Felcy does her bit in the main act too. Humbert’s challenge to Nevil and Samir should not be missed.

Alex on the saxophone leads the band. Tony (saxophone), Cliff (keyboard), Elvis (bass) and Ashok (drums) provide music for the tiatr. The opening song rendered by Elvis with backing vocals by the entire cast is well performed. There are other songs by Nevil, Mariano, Marcus Vaz, Cajetan de Sanvordem, Xavier Gomes and others. The solos by Mariano, Cajetan, Xavier, Humbert, and a duet by Elvis-Carmen need special mention. Don’t miss this show, it is very interesting.


Minnminnti Vat

Isaiah 42:3 tells the faithful of what the Lord says ‘He will not break off a bent reed nor put out a flickering lamp’. Tiatr named ‘Minnminnti Vat’ (a flickering lamp) by Ami Daizi, Fatorda tells of the flickering lamp that will not be put out because God sent his only son Jesus, to tell the good news to the poor.

Conceptualised by Fr Victor Ferrao and written and directed by Agnelo de Borim , the tiatr tells of the various forms of poverty that exists in the world today.

The play opens with two children practicing for a skit. The girl speaks of her poverty and the boy offers her money. But there is a question that arises – Is a lack of wealth the only form of poverty? Some are poor in health, others are poor in love and still many others are poor in doing good deeds.

There are two families. A widow and her son are poor but happy with what they have. On the other side there is a rich man and his brother. The rich man has sent his wife to work in London while he amasses wealth through wrong means. The brother has a good heart and tries to change his sibling. The couple has a daughter who is cared for by the uncle while the father fails in his responsibility. They have excessive wealth but are not happy in life. Watch the rest of this presentation that tries to convince the viewer that needs can be fulfilled but wants always increase.

Minnminnti Vat offers answers to many pertinent questions. The script entertains while educating viewers on morals. There is clean comedy, good songs and a big band. A fine set by Pobre Dias is put to good use and Stanley Dias provides timely light effects and good area lighting.

Junisha, Sybil, Cayman and Rasley are great as the four precocious and amusing children. They lead the show with fine dialogues and many fun-filled moments. Ancy Gonsalves makes a good mother and Armando Fernandes is apt as the irresponsible father. However, the laughter after every sentence could have been curtailed. Alberto Cardoso is great as the loving uncle. His delivery of dialogues and facial expressions are good. Rafael Rodrigues adds appropriate humour along with the four children. The band is led by Fr Simon on violin, Senon on trumpet, Roy and Fr Roland on saxophone, Jack on drums, Agnelo on keyboard and Brito on bass. The instrumental performance before the show was beautiful. The opening song is rendered in great polyphonic style by Joel-Velisha-Christal-Anson. There are other good songs by Bernard, Albert, P Agnelo, Joel, Ancy, Nazario, Velisha, Christal, Anson, Sherwin and Francis. Solos by Ancy Gonsalves, Nazario Pinto and P Agnelo, and duets by Alberto Cardozo with Joel Miranda, and P Agnelo with Petlina Fernandes are the pick. Watch this impressive tiatr.