Wednesday , 26 February 2020
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Throwback to the good old school days

Author and former professor of English Edward De Lima’s book, ‘Yesterdays at Monte- Jogging down memory lane’ is all set to be released yet again in an all new avatar. The second edition of the book that was released twelve years ago, brings afresh memories of school days at Monte de Guirim School


The second edition of Edward de Lima’s book, ‘Yesterdays at Monte – jogging down Memory Lane’ published by Vikram Publications will be released on Friday, May 31 at Multi-Purpose Hall, Sanskruti Bhavan, Patto Plaza, Panaji at 5 p.m.

The book is an autobiographical account of the author’s school life before the Liberation of Goa and soon after. It documents the educational system of those days through his personal experiences, and nostalgic events are illustrated through cartoons, photographs, and pictures. The illustrations have been created by artist Justino Lobo and pictures have been sourced by Sunoj Raikar.

The book has 15 chapters which vividly recall the good old days in school that include the annual concert, corporal punishment, the brown hair episode, apart from chapters on the feast and the school teachers among others. This second edition is being published after twelve years. “These days will never come back but are entrenched in our memories forever,” writes the author in his preface.

Edward de Lima has been a prolific writer since his retirement as a professor of English.  He has also contributed immensely to Konkani literature. These include ‘Spoken Konkani – a self-learning guide’, (2001) with an audio CD in the Roman script, ‘Konkani Made Easy in Devanagari’ (2009).

He also conducted research in Konkani that led him to publish ‘Influence of Portuguese Vocabulary on Konkani language’ (2014) with a brief history of the development of Konkani and a glossary in Romi, Devnagari, Portuguese, and English, containing over 2000 words from the Konkani language adapted from Portuguese. The University of St Paul, Brazil and the Lisbon University, Portugal have appreciated the efforts of the author whose contribution to linguistics has arrived many years after similar pioneering work was carried by the great scholar Sebastião Dalgado.

In 2017, De Lima came out with ‘Konknni Oparincho Kox’, a book of Konkani proverbs consisting of over 2,000 proverbs in Devnagari and Romi, with commentaries in English. It also has identical proverbs in other languages running into 500 pages.

Besides this, he has also contributed to history with books like ‘Armando Menezes and His Writings’ (2007) and ‘Luis de Menezes Bragança – A Goan Thinker and Visionary’ (2010) which were published by Directorate of Art and Culture.

He has also published self-help books like, ‘How to be a successful college teacher’ (2012), ‘Common Errors by Indian Students’ (2004), and ‘Spoken Portuguese’ (2004) with an audio CD. 

(The book release

function is open to all)

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