Sunday , 26 May 2019

Three tiatr books released by TAG

Tiatr Academy Goa under its scheme ‘Preservation of Tiatr Literature’ organised a book release function on August 13 at the Conference Hall of Tiatr Academy of Goa, Panaji.  Three books based on tiatrs ‘Zhoim Pritimog Vosta’ and ‘Mog Mogan Jiye’ written by Domingos Coelho (Comedian Domnic), ‘Xirlo’ written by Mario Menezes and ‘Nirmonn’ written by Albert Leo de Souza were released by chief guest, writer and editor of a Konkani magazine, Fausto V Da Costa.

Speaking on the occasion Fausto appreciated the Tiatr Academy of Goa and all the three writers for taking the initiative to print their tiatrs in the form of books. He further said that the tradition of publishing tiatr books is not a recent practice but has its origin in around 1909.

He urged the tiatr artistes not to hesitate while expressing their views in Konkani in Roman script, especially on social networking sites. He said that even though jealousy towards success of others is a part of human nature, we still need to rejoice in the success of our fellow tiatr artistes and help in motivating and building the tiatr fraternity further on. Domingos Coelho, Mario Menezes and Albert Leo de Souza were also present on the occasion.