Friday , 22 February 2019

Three out of five drivers are on mobiles while driving: survey

That India has a very high accident rate is a known fact and it is due to a variety of reasons. A recent survey conducted by Nissan India has shown that it is carelessness on the driver’s part that is a major cause of concern.

According to the survey, Indians are posing a serious threat on the road with three in every five admitting using mobile phones while driving. Of this, North India leads with 62 per cent compared to South with 52 per cent. At the same time, only one in four Indians have admitted to being caught by cops breaking this law. Over-speeding additionally posed another problem as 60 per cent of respondents admitted to over-speeding in Kerala, followed by 51 per cent in Delhi, and 28 per cent in Punjab. Conducted in collaboration with Nissan India and Kantar IMRB,  the Nissan Connected Families of India survey deep dives into the day-to-day driving habits of Indians across 20 states, ranging from over-speeding, phone usage, punctuality and vigilance to trust.

Using cell phones apart, about 68 per cent Indians confessed to always getting lost while driving to a new place and nearly 64 per cent of the respondents admitted to getting late for meetings. This trend varied from North to South, as 65 per cent respondents in Kerala conceded to failing in keeping time commitments as opposed to 48 per cent in Punjab.

Meanwhile in Goa during the period July- December 201, there has been 60 percent rise in traffic violations for talking on phone while driving and drunken driving. The transport department has suspended as many as 545 motor driving licenses under six enlisted traffic violations since July last year and almost 87 percent of these licenses were suspended for using mobile phones while driving, and drunk driving.

Data from the transport department shows how after implementation of the suspension of licenses since September 2015, the number of offenders still have not come down on the contrary there has been rise in cases of drunken driving and using phone while driving. CarWale

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