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These women are changing the game

The women’s team of FC Goa representing Forca Goa Foundation, were recently crowned champions of the India leg of Global Goals World Cup in Mumbai. The team is now all set to represent India in New York in September. NT BUZZ reports

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Twenty four all-women teams competed in the football event-‘Global Goals World Cup’, which took place for the first time in India. This is a sporting event hosted all over the globe that aims to create awareness and celebrate entities that champion UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, as well as drive progress and change in their communities. Their motto being – ‘Soccer skills maybe optional but passion for sustainable development is mandatory’.

The women’s team of FC Goa of Forca Goa Foundation beat Oscar Foundation from Mumbai to win the finals of the India leg. They will now represent India in New York in September to compete at the Global Goals World Cup.

An initiative hosted in partnership with the UNDP, EIR Soccer and Sustainable Mindz to support the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, event points were awarded on the basis of four criteria – most original team style, best action for global goals, most support drawn from the crowds, and most goals scored. Before the action began on the pitch, each team presented their contribution towards attaining specific sustainable goals.

Forca Goa Foundation, a sister concern of FC Goa, uses football as a tool for positive development and advocates three sustainable goals namely good health and well-being, gender equality, and responsible consumption. The team comprised of players from FC Goa women’s team as well as other local talent.



Tete-a-tete with the players

  1. What was the experience like having won the football event in India?

Avia Vas: I was pleasantly surprised when they declared the results as we had strong competitors and I did not expect it. We are all so proud of this win and it means so much more as we are playing our favourite sport for a good cause. I am grateful to my supportive team.


  1. What were your initial worries?

Simone Lalwani: As the Global Goals event had come to India for the first time we weren’t sure about how the points system would work. Since we were from a different state, we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to generate enough crowd support. Even though we at the Forca Goa Foundation are continually working towards the sustainable development goals, we were unsure about how best we could communicate all that we are doing.


  1. Can you throw light on the strengths of the Goa team that worked in your favour?

Yadnya Parwar: I think our biggest strength was our chemistry as most of us have played and trained together. Also, we all truly believe in all the causes we played for. As part of the FC Goa team we were introduced to the foundation and its initiatives. It is highly motivating for us to realise that by being part of the team, not only are we able play the game we love so much but we are also able to help affect change.


  1. Describe the feeling before and after the finals?

Joyvi Fernandes: I was excited and a bit nervous before the finals, but our manager motivated us throughout. I went on the field with a positive attitude, as just getting to the final round made me super happy and proud. After our win I was not only happy because we won but also because of the other teams and people who were supporting us throughout. We not only won the finals but we did well in all other activities and won peoples’ hearts. Winning a competition this special and getting to represent the country is truly an achievement.


  1. Which team was the biggest threat and why?

Sneha Fernandes: According to us Fr Agnel’s team was comparatively stronger not only on the field but also because they seemed to have come well prepared for the other aspects of the tournament. We understood that it’s not just about football but also about the ‘goals’ we play for.


  1. How is the morale of the team now ahead of the Global Goals World Cup?

Sneha Fernandes: The team has gained a lot of confidence, considering the responsibilities that have come along with the victory. We strive to work harder to achieve the goals that we played for. We understand that with winning comes a lot of responsibility and we want to fulfil our responsibilities as positive role models in society.


  1. What are the key focus areas now?

Simone Lalwani: We are focusing on continuing to spread awareness for our goals which include gender equality, responsible consumption and production, and good health and well-being. Training is another focus point because we really want to do the country proud in New York. Lastly, we are trying to raise funds so that we are able to travel to New York and participate


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