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The young, soulful and socially responsible Sidharth Bendi

The young, soulful and socially responsible Sidharth Bendi

Sidharth Bendi a young independent singer-songwriter from Hyderabad is creating musical waves through his compositions. He will launch his first extended play (EP), ‘One in a Million’ in Goa at MOG on Friday, September 15 at 7.30 p.m. He talks to NT BUZZ about how music is always part of his life and how various experiences led him to it take up seriously

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“I was always associated with music because my mother wanted me to have a hobby,” says Sidharth Bendi who is creating a niche for himself in Hyderabad, and slowly gathering fans across borders. Beginning his journey with Carnatic music, he only felt the real love for music when he picked up the guitar. From then on, everything from performances in school to discovery of different aspects of music led him to become the singer-songwriter he is today.

There’s something about the guitar that makes listeners and musicians fall in love with it. He says, “Guitars are wonderful instruments. If trained properly, one can make some real magic with it. I have mediocre skill and I’m trying to learn a lot so hopefully with the next EP, there’ll be some growth”, before adding that his guitar has been his longest and dearest companion and this bond will definitely show in the years to come.

His songs revolve around simple life experiences as a teenager. When he encounters different people, he learns something new; and the experience of new beginning seems to happen every day, something that’s very prominent at that age. This inspires him to write. “When something inspires me I just write about it, not for it to be a song but just to put my feelings out on paper. Few of those thoughts escalate into being songs and others are just left at the thought stage,” he says, before adding that a tune can come before the lyrics and there have been times when the tune is so inspiring it compels him to create a story for a song.

The launch of his first EP titled ‘The One in a Million’ is proof of his successful journey as a musician. From not being considered a musician to releasing this EP, all the learning he has had over the years has been reflected in this EP. He has tried to make some happy songs for people to sing along with the message being that we all are one in a million. He says: “Everybody is unique. This CD portrays my uniqueness and something may reflect someone else’s. As long as the thought that you’re special is at the back of your mind, nothing can stop you from achieving something.”

Sidharth has been vocal about issues like child abuse in India through his songs. He sang songs ‘Kyun’ for the NGO, The Cube Project and ‘Beautiful World’ for his own NGO, The Beautiful World Movement. While he thinks that people look at social work as being a full time job, he says that it is not social ‘working’. “We just need to help others and its how nature suggests us to be. I do what I do for society; to let people of my age know that you need to help whenever possible,” adds the 22-year old.

Being a singer-songwriter he tries to foster the understanding that a helping hand can do a lot and there’s nothing better than to get the message across with music as a medium. He adds that everyone through their talent or profession can offer help to others.

The young artist prefers singing to a live audience any day over recording in the studio though he admits that being in studio is a different kind of fun. “It depends on what phase you’re going through as a songwriter. If it’s an inspired phase, we just want to hit the studio and make the best music we’ve ever made. But once that’s done, the urge to go on stage and see the people vibe beats every kind of happiness in the world,” he says.

An artist generally has godfathers or has to struggle all the way to the top aided by determination and passion in the creative industry. But, for Sidharth, his music career’s taking off has got no blessings from any godfather. He believes that struggle is only struggle if we see it like that. He’s quite young to even consider that he’s struggled with something that keeps him doing what he loves. On the other hand he also considers himself to be very lucky that he’s got great support wherever he goes. “Yes we all have situations where we feel alone. The pain is inevitable. It’s human nature to feel everything that we can possibly feel, but as long as we keep working, those things can never find us,” he adds.

As an independent artist, he feels that the music industry is very unpredictable and surprisingly very vast. There are a lot of aspects other than just making music and doing shows that has helped Sidharth grow. He plans face whatever comes his way – good and bad – and try to get better with every album. His ultimate aim is to learn more music and love the music he makes. “Everything comes later. Time will tell,” he adds.

Just two days ago a musician Karan Thomas Joseph ended his life. Likewise we know of so many others who have lived lonely lives. Ask Sidharth what why he thinks that musicians/artists who give people reasons to live through their songs/ music give up so easily and refutes the claim that they do. “All the music they write is a proof of them trying to fit in but depending on the mind set of different people, there’s a certain threshold. It’s not really something we can predict or understand unless we are them,” he says, but is also quite hopeful that everybody in this world finds someone to talk to whenever they need it.


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