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The story of the mystical Guru

The story of the mystical Guru

Bhanumathi Narsimhan has been the closest witness to her brother, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s extraordinary life. To be released today, ‘Gurudev – On the Plateau of the Peak’ has already been declared a best seller. Through the biography of the renowned spiritual guru and humanitarian leader, she tells fascinating and untold stories of her brother with precious insights, from their early childhood years to growing up with his unique philosophy on God, love, existence and more. In an interview with NT BUZZ she tells us more about her sibling, his life and the book

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A book that promises to be a treat for those who are curious about the relatively unknown years of the guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, that his sister, Bhanumathi Narsimhan has penned, is a biography on her brother, one of the most celebrated and followed modern spiritual leader.

‘Gurudev – On the Plateau of the Peak’ throws light on some interesting questions around Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s life. From how his journey started as a young boy, how he stepped into irresolvable conflicts of political and communal nature, the manner in which he would straighten out trust deadlocks among people and communities, nurturing belongingness even among outcasts, militants, rebels or prisoners, to origins of Sudarshan Kriya and why it works for millions and more, the book has answers…


Excerpts from an interview


  1. Share with us your early experiences as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s younger sister. How was it living with your brother who had his own philosophies?

They are precious moments that bring a smile every time I recount them. The family atmosphere was of people who adopted simple living and high thinking. There are many incidents that bring wonder whenever I think of them. I wanted to be with him wherever he was. I would end up going on his class trips also! The sensitive care and protection of an elder brother and I was a doting younger sister, the sense of togetherness was and still is very special.


  1. Was Gurudev always inclined towards spirituality?

Yes. Even as a child he would wonder about creation, the purpose of life, and how to bring peace and happiness to others. He always spoke of people who were waiting for him around the world. He would say, “I have family everywhere.” Meditation was his favorite game as a child!


  1. Being the younger sibling, when did it occur to you that he actually had the potential to attract followers from across the globe?

People feel closer to themselves when they meet him. In his presence, they are confident, and they feel cared for. Their lives undergo phenomenal transformation ranging from good health to deep mystical experiences.


  1. How did his life and ways impact you?

I can say about that for me it has been a magical journey. It is always a joy to recollect our childhood and younger days, the days of travels, teachings, and the coming together of the world as a family – I went through them innocently. But when I look back the wisdom beyond the events is also clear to me.


  1. Many have several questions that seek to know about his life. Have some of these been answered in your book. Can you give us a glimpse of it?

So many people would ask me, “How was he as a child? What games would he play? What was he like in school, how were his college days, when did we find out about his chosen path?” So many questions! Each time I would be able to answer a few but it inspired me to pen down these precious memories so that I could share them with everybody.


  1. This book is a sip of infinity. How did you decide and zero in on its content?

I was writing little by little whenever I would find time by myself. It was especially inspiring when I was staying in a home by the sea in California. Words would flow out effortlessly as I would gaze at the waves from the window. I have written in hotels where we stayed, in my son’s house in DC, in the German ashram, in the Bangalore ashram – whenever I would get a quiet corner, especially when all the others were busy in the silence programs. Every time I would get new insights and the journey would continue. But I had to complete it sometime!


  1. Being his younger sister how happy or lucky does it make you feel to be part of his life and being able to document his life for us?

Very lucky! One can’t explain how fortunate I am! I am grateful to have had this opportunity to share these beautiful experiences through this book, and I hope that it will help the readers also to come that much closer to having a glimpse of the life of an enlightened Master.


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