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The secrets of good health

Founder and chairman emeritus of Dr Batra’s Group of Companies, Mukesh Batra was down in Goa to speak about his recently released book ‘13 Steps To Bloody Good Health’. In conversation with NT BUZZ, Mukesh gave an insight into the book and spoke of the need for people to change their lifestyle


Homeopathy practitioner, Mukesh Batra believes that a lot of health issues can be tackled with a change in lifestyle. And this is the focus of his recent book ‘13 Steps To Bloody Good Health’ written in collaboration with Ashwin Sanghi.

“In this fast-moving technological world, our lifestyle is tremendously changing and is leading to an increase in various health problems. If a person can gain control or change his habits then he or she can work towards adopting a healthy lifestyle,” says Batra, who has been in the medical field for over 45 years.

The book is available at various stores and on online sites like Amazon. And for the first time, he says, he has not spoken about homeopathy or any other sort of medical system in the book. “I have instead focused on the importance of various specifications like movement, relaxation, sleep, hydration and self love,” he says. “Many a times when people hear the word ‘movement’, they think it is about going to the gym or exercising for long hours which is however not the actual case.”

Besides movement and exercise, the book also throws light on the importance and the right time of sleep. It also suggests ways to do away with mental health problems by mastering the art of self-love.

“Mental health issues are increasing. People do not know how to handle stress or deal with emotional problems. This needs to understood and learnt; only after that can things work out,” he says.

Having researched various health issues, Batra also lists out some of the most common health problems which young girls in India today neglect. “The most common problem in girls is anaemia, that is lack of iron, it is something girls don’t even check. Besides this, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal disorder, is another major problem where young girls or women begin to develop hair on the chin; excessive acne on the face; suffer from hair loss; painful periods and much more. This can lead to serious problems in future if neglected,” he says.

Suicide among youngsters, he says, is also a problem of major concern, and according to him, youngsters end up taking their own life because they are unable to deal with problems or stress. “This is a space that needs to be handled with a lot of caution. Depression cases are on a rise and youngsters are not paying much attention to this area,” he states.

And in an effort to create awareness about various health issues, the Batra group has been uploading videos online as part of their knowledge series. “On the internet there is a lot of wrong information. I believe in sharing knowledge and information that is backed with a lot of research. We started with topics like depression, hair loss, migraine, PCOS, etc. We are trying to reach as many people as possible,” he says.



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