Tuesday , 26 March 2019

The push towards bio-digester toilet facilities

An event on “Future of Sanitization” was organised recently to disseminate knowledge on bio-digester toilets that works on Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) technology. Technical aspects of the functioning of bio-digester toilets and experiences of existing users were the highlight of the discussions.

The event provided a platform for architects, engineers, government officials and prospective buyers to interact and raise questions on the usability of the technology in the state. On the panel were Narendra  Sawaikar, MP South Goa, Mukesh Meghvanshi, scientist, biotechnology division, DRDO, Pramod Sawant, speaker of legislative assembly and Rajkumar Kamat, president, EP Kamat Group.

Meghvanshi stressed on the fact that bio-digester technology used for waste disposal is one of the best technology in the world. Further throwing light on the poor sanitation practices that accounts for more than 50 percent of the population involved in open defecation he pointed out that bio-digesters that use anaerobic biodegradation have been successfully installed in high terrains like Ladhakh to prevent the contamination of water.

Meghvanshi suggestion for Goa is usage of bio-toilets facilities in boats. Companies that are interested in setting up bio-toilet units (under CSR) have to fulfill the guidelines of transfer of technology given on the DRDO website in order to get the license. The discussion was later taken up by Pramod Sawant, who shared his concern over the huge wastage done by the government by investing in sewage treatment plants. “Government spends around Rs 22,000 on the construction of a single toilet but these do not last more than two years,” said Sawant, adding that, there is a need to bring about a change in the sanitization system though bio-toilets.

The event was organized by the EP Kamat group that has interests in FRP products, fabrication and bio-digester toilets among other products.

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