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From speed painting and performances to event managing and now a music video on the way, Pernem-based Sanket Mandrekar’s experimentations know no bounds. NT KURIOCITY catches up with him prior to the August 5 release of his music video


Artist Sanket Mandrekar looks forward to learning new things everyday in the deep “ocean of art” as he puts it. An alumnus of the department of Mechanical Engineering of Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda, Sanket’s interest in art was piqued when he happened to  watch a trending video on YouTube. “The video was about a boy proposing to a girl in the classroom. The boy drew something on the blackboard and then threw some sand on it, and the girl’s portrait appeared! Although I learnt later that it was a camera trick, I was so impressed that I decided to try it out myself,” explains Sanket.

Sanket first showcased his talent for speed painting at a college event and completed his art work in a span of two minutes. It was then that he realised that this is what he is made for. Sanket then began watching a few YouTube videos on stage performances by Robert Canning and Vilas Nayak. He also began experimenting with different glues on different papers and raised his difficulty level by trying different things. In 2016, he began auditioning online for shows and was shortlisted among the top seven for the finals of Maruti Suzuki Colours of Youth Season 6, powered by MTV, a national level talent search competition for youth of the country.

The key to speed painting and performance, he says, is knowing how to keep people engrossed in the performance. “People shouldn’t get bored. You have to involve them in your every move.  Keep the anticipation going on, what could happen and finish things off with a flourish, may be a leap, pose or a jump, something that will give that impact,” he explains.

A self-taught artist (“You are the biggest teacher of yourself”), charcoal portraits remain his forte and Sanket has in fact received tons of appreciation from various people including a few celebrities. “I enjoy making portraits of celebrities, sportspersons and also portraying social issues. I try my best to bring out the real emotions in my portraits and in spite of being a self-taught artist I think I’ve fared well,” he says, adding that his interest in graphite portraits was what helped him improve upon his charcoal art.

Of late, Sanket has also begun experimenting with wall graffiti and his work can be seen in a few hotels and clubs in Goa. Besides this, he also loves canvas paintings and live sketching. “An artist should be so perfect that even his worst outcome is appreciated by viewers, which is possible only through practice and hard work,” he says, adding that one should never be satisfied with their art work. “If I’m satisfied with mine then there won’t be any progress or improvement.”

He adds that art should be used for a good cause for creating awareness and spreading social messages among people which is something he tries to do through his art.

Sanket also takes art classes for children in Mapusa and prepares students for fine art entrance exams. In fact, this year one of his students’s secured the 7th rank in the GFA entrance. Apart from this, he runs an event management firm ‘Sank Creations’ and handles small scale weddings, birthdays and college events.

Despite coming from a poor family, Sanket has never stopped working hard towards his dreams and he is grateful for his family for their support. “In spite of so many financial difficulties my parents never compromised on my education. Such great qualities of hardwork and persistence are a gift that I’ve inherited from my parents,” he says. “I want to give them a better life. I can’t repay them enough for all their struggles. I just hope I can give them some happiness.”

Presently his new concept called speed carving has been shortlisted for India’s Got Talent 8 2018. Sanket has also worked on and produced a music video ‘Let her go’ which also sees him in the lead role. The video, he says, started out as a small idea but turned out to be a big project. “The story is about an artist and a dancer. It is an incomplete love story. I have put my entire savings and lots of effort into it along with my very talented team. People will get to see more experimentation with speed painting in this video and even get involved in the story. It will be released on my YouTube channel,” he discloses. The video also features child artiste Tanmay Kharbe along with dancer Jasmine Singh. The music has been done by Elton Fernandes and the video has been directed by Anuj Prabhu.

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